18 months turning 5!


Just a few weeks ago our ‘little baby’ turned 18 months. Again this felt like another milestone, a marker in some way.  I have seen such a leap in his development in these last few weeks. His words, his personality, his ability and the overall change has just astounded me. 

He was slightly slower to get moving but his words are coming on great and he certainly understands most of what you are saying, the constant chatter and conversation is very cute and encouraging. 

His personality is really forming now too and I am relived to say what is transpiring is a boy full of smiles, fun and affection but with a good portion of determination and fire in his belly when required. Of course we have times when this all goes a little awry and you wonder if your smugness is going to come back to bite you and he is going to have a sudden personality u turn. 

I think crèche has really helped wth his social skills along with his learning and stimulation which on that level I’m not sure even I could match. 

However the most rewarding thing about your little baby turning into a fully fledged little person is the quiet moments that’s let face it you would never admit out loud but sometimes just sometimes you realise you’ve done a pretty good job! {eek another touch of smugness I know}