Big Scan Update


We had our ’20 week’ scan on Monday. I was definitely a little subconsciously nervous going in. I was on the last and I was on this one.. I’d say you could have 20 children and this would always be an anxious time.

Our appointment was early which was good so we dropped Josh to Creche as they kindly offered to take him because we had no childcare for the day. We grabbed a cuppa before heading into Holles St. We were seen quickly and it was the same sonographer as my early scan so that was nice. 

All the normal checks were fine and she then moved on to checking the main organs. She hovered over the heart for a while but kept resassuring us throughout that everything was looking as it should. The final checks were done and it was almost like I was holding my breath as she let us know that all was looking well. A huge relief. 

Next up was time to check the sex, we decided quite early that we wanted to find out what we were having this time for a number of reasons. I never thought I would but once the decision was made it was very exciting! The sonographer wrote the result on a scan picture and put it is an envelope for us. We opened it when we left the hospital and more will be revealed soon… 

We feel so blessed to have gotten good news, the time is flying in so now I’m in full planning mode for baby number 2 and cannot wait to meet them in October!