3 months-Where’s my baby gone?


I think 3 months is a very significant milestone. It is why I said in a previous post that I chose this time to launch my blog. Well I am now writing in real time about all that lies ahead. This may sound strange but it was at this stage I really started to feel like a mama and not just like I was playing mummy & daddies and that was both overwhelming but very lovely at the same time.

We had our 3 month check the very day he turned 3 months. You know as an instinct that your baby is happy, healthy and progressing but you have this niggling feeling of worry so the check up gives your baby the once over and your public health nurse is there to answer any questions. It actually wasn’t as extensive as I thought and felt a little rushed but she seemed happy except for a slightly flat head-{-1 to mama} but his growth and reactions were all good as I willed him on.

However I got another bout of this flu thing and was completely floored this time with weepiness, self doubt and mama guilt off the richter scale and I felt I’d reached the end of the road so back to the doctor it was and I was told to ‘rest’ and was put on breastfeeding friendly antibiotics. My wonderful mum took Josh for several hours for 2 of the days with bottles in tow and with the help of hubby too I finally kicked it, 6 weeks later!

As for Josh, he is just going from strength to strength. His ‘routine’ seems to be forming and the night sleep is dragging out, we get from about 12-5/6 so we are thankful for that. He took the transition of moses to crib well and he also now sleeps in a growbag which he loves! His drooling is like the iguazu falls so we are thinking toothies might follow soon. Eek! I really feel his little personality is starting to form too, while he is still predominantly a placid little boy, he is also determined and tells you now when he is not happy about something but generally cries are kept for hunger, nappy and more recently boredom! One thing was his poos slowed down a bit at this stage, going from 4/5 to 2, 1 or none a day! It’s amazing how you can now wish for things like poos and are as pleased as punch once one comes along.

At this stage we took the big leap of a night away without baba to Carton House. Off he went to Granny’s with lists, blankets, bottles and a little trepidation from mum & dad! However despite me failing to bring my pump and my boobs heavy and the size of Jordan’s it was a much needed r&r time. It was very important for myself and my husband to get some time together too as it can feel like you just go through the motions daily and really don’t get proper time to touch base and check in with how each of you are so a night of one on one was fab! Baby naturally becomes priority but it is so important to be mindful of your relationship too.

We went on his first swim this month and also started baby massage as well as attending a super baby festival called Baby Talk which are all discussed at length in other posts on the blog.

Heading towards 4 months it seems what they say is true, time flies by so every day I just take a moment to breathe in the little miracle that he is.