8 months


I am writing this and not quite believing how quickly time is flying by…

I read an article recently that claimed that 8 months was a bit of a non de script month with regards to development etc and I suppose it is really.

He continued to endeavour to crawl, he honed some of his previous skills but for me the biggest change was one day he decided ‘no more boob’. It happened just like that.. He had reduced his feeds to 2 a day and we went away to two weddings, on our return he was a little ‘off’ with us and it was then he decided he preferred bottles so that was the end of our breast feeding story. I think I’m glad it happened that way because I was feeling a little emotional about the end coming close.. which is very strange because at the beginning I found it a tough auld journey. My boobs seemed to adjust well too. I did find it strange on the odd occasion where I knew he needed comfort but like everything we have all adjusted and my boobs have returned to just own, if in a little different form!

The weather was great so we spent lots of time out and about and will include some of our adventures in my summer bucket list post coming soon…

We also started the hunt for crèches which also deserves a whole post to itself so will get that posted soon but reflecting it was quite an emotional month for mama, lots of changes..