9 months In & Out


It’s been a fast 9 months but it also feels like he was never not here. I always find this milestone a memorable one as they are out of your tummy as long as they were in there….

Here are 9 nuggets we’ve learnt about Master Max in the last 9 months

1. His smiles are wide but his cries are loud. 

He’s more of a smiler than I remember his brother being and gives them generously but can also ‘crack it’ fairly intensely when the mood takes him too.

2. He is a mamas boy hands down. 

Having said that he is happy to give anyone a snuggle and a smile for a bit of attention in return.

3. He’s an inquisitive little thing.

He’s always looking around observing and taking it all in and I’ve no doubt with the way things are going he will be on the move soon.

4. He looooovvees the ‘3 Bs’ bread, boobs & bath.

A slice of toast can not pass your lips without him digging in too.  My boobs are his primary food/drink source, his comfort and his general go to/pull out of when he fancies it! 🙄  At bathtimes, the squeals of delight when he is in the water and the squeals of horror when we take him out are memorable.

5. He’s a blondy now but started off very dark.

This meant people who haven’t seen him in a while can’t believe the transformation.

6. He doesn’t sleep great, never really has, despite a fairly good routine.

This is a quality he has taken from his bro. We thought we might luck out with a sleeper this time but it seems not.

7. His personality is emerging a little different to Josh.

I kinda thought they’d just be the same, naively, but Max is more impish, he’s more gentle but also has a determination we didn’t see emerge in Josh until a little later.

8. He still has no teeth.

9 months, ‘teething’ since 3 with lots of symptoms and tons of drool but not a tooth in his head yet.

9. We all love him more than we thought possible.

Yes of course I knew I’d love him, our second child but my goodness the love I, and our whole little family have for him is more than we could have imagined, it’s intense and lovely and he brings us little nuggets of joy every day, 9 whole months of them with lots more to come! 


9 months


Josh turned 10 months a couple of days ago, I know I say this every month but I really can’t believe it.. more so because we are heading scarily fast towards the big 1st birthday!

I found 9 months a funny one as he’d been 9 months in and then 9 months out and it most definitely went faster when he was out bringing complete joy to our lives!

I also reflected on the 9 month period into 3 segments… 1-3, 3-6 & 6-9 months. Looking back the first 3 months is a euphoric time, I expected this to be the worst and yes I was sore at the beginning and yes we barely got sleep but we had made a BABY and Christmas came which was magical and that kind of saw us through..
Then looking back I got sick on months 3-6 and the tiredness kicked in as well as a bit of the baby blues which I’ll write about more in a post soon. This was the toughest time for me.
Then Josh turned 6 months and things felt like they were falling into place, we were finding our groove as a little family. Josh only started sleeping fully through the night around 9 months so tiredness still played it’s part. I was no longer earning as part of my leave so money was tight too but he just went from strength to strength.
& I produced a little tummy podge after the ceasing of breastfeeding and return of my monthly period but the progression and joy that little boy brings you just sees you through all that. He’s my little pal and I love having him by my side.