Baby Talk Festival-what we thought


Our little family attended the BabyTalk Festival last weekend just up the road from where we live, in UCD. Off we trotted to the O’Reilly Hall, excited and expectant. I say expectant as from following their press coverage and social media campaign before the event, I had a good feeling about it. I was proved right.
Unfortunately we could only attend on the Sunday as I would certainly have returned for a second day. The whole set up was well executed with a ramp option all the way to the venue from the main UCD entrance, a buggy park on entry to the hall, lots of changing stations and a lovely feeding area, beside a bright toy filled cafe!
You could just tell so much thought and love went into this from the branding to the little touches in each area. The suppliers chosen to showcase at the event were also carefully selected and as a result it felt very inclusive and not like your run of the mill fair.
The main stage had lots of great activities, we took part in the tail end of a ClapHandies play-labs session. We also attended one of the great talks, we chose humour in the form of Colm O’Regan of Irish Mammies!
We took leaflets and have since purchased a gummee glove for Josh who I can now confidently say is at the start of teething! We are purchasing this from
We also tried out all their facilities. Lovely changing areas with nice touches of extra wipes, hand cleanser etc. I also fed Josh in their comfy feeding area. My only low point of the day was when the other mum in the feeding room loudly said to her mother just as I was leaving ‘she did not understand breastfeeding moms using pacifiers’!!! Let’s just say she’s lucky the festival had given me a warm fuzzy feeling or she would have been swiftly told to keep her opinions to herself or at the very least till I had left the room!
All in all despite one silly person a really lovely experience and look forward to the next one! Oh and the goody bag had some great discount vouchers with an Easy Parenting mag, which I love and the best guide I have seen in a long time called The Ultimate Maternity Guide and that it was! Great tips for pregnancy, birth and beyond..
Here is a pic of it below, not sure where you get them but would love to get my hands on another few for friends!