Child friendly eating spots!


It was reported recently from a research carried out by Sudocream  that 64 percent of Irish parents have left a public venue due to a lack of changing room facilities and over 30 percent have changed their baby on a bathroom floor. 

I had been meaning to write this post for a while and when I saw this come into my inbox I thought there as no better time. 

Unfortunately there is a lot more to consider when going for coffee/brunch or lunch with a baby or child in tow. I have been surprised by some of my favourite spots either not having high chairs, not having baby changing or both! It is probably strategic on their part but when you have a baby you still want to eat yummy food so it can be a little frustrating. 

Some establishments have it sussed like, Mayfield-very child friendly downstairs but a dedicated upstairs section for the hangover brunch crew at the weekends. I get it-in my child free days I didn’t fancy screeching and crying over my eggs benedict either! 
La Bucca-this spot was recommended to me by a work friend and there are a few branches around. Local and friendly with tasty grub and fab chicken wings apparently-just what you need for a family supper out!

Bulman-this well known spot in Kinsale is a firm favourite with us for a few years now but when we returned with Josh last spring they could not have been more accommodating despite thier small size.  

La Mere Zou-this city centre restaurant has since closed its doors but for a restaurant st the upper end of the scale when we went with a voucher they were so child friendly it was a Livorno surprise. I think there is a time and a place but for early bird offerings a few spots could definitely rose this service in board. 

RIBA-this is a local spot for us that I feel so lucky to have on our doorstep. Fab food, fab service and always child friendly but when going without kids in tow they now how to treat it as a special night out for you. From brunch to lunch to dinner it never lets you down. 

Avoca-always great space and yummy treats to keep all the family happy. 

Airfield-we are members here but even before we were I spent a lot of time up here on my maternity leave with Josh. Great space, easy access, good changing and then the beautiful gardens and farm for a stroll. 

Milano-simple food but couldn’t be more child friendly. Great mini menu and activites to keep little ones happy. A very handy family dinner spot. 

Fallon & Byrne Dun Laoghaire-a really lovely place but don’t be put off by the sophisticated interior and adult feel. The few times we have been there they have been child attentive and friendly. Also right in people’s park for a run around after!

Platform Pizza-this place is in Bray and with delicious pizza and cool interior this is a great weekend trip to make with plenty to do in Bray too. 

There are many more.. Do you have any to add to the list? 

One thing you can do if you know of a top spot is enter them into this competition and you could even win a prize too!

 Visit to register your vote today. The closing date for entries is Friday, 30th September, 2016. The prize winner will be announced after the voting closes.



Cool Kids Events-Final Updates!


End of Summer updates: Well we are nearly at the end of the summer hols and we didn’t have the best of weather but we managed to almost complete our list! We are off to Messy Monkeys tomorrow and have one final update with a recent day in Bray! We hope to do Newbridge and Botanics in September and when the rain goes away head to Kilruddery before they close up for summer! You might fit in one or two before school is back next week! 


Recently my pal asked me how I found out about some of the fun events we go to and it is probably a lot to do with my social media addiction and I know I have posted about things we have done in the past but here are some coming up in July and August that might keep your little ones entertained for a while and with the summer hols just started this may well be a perfectly timed post!

First 1000 Days, Pop Up Cafe-Airfield

We were really hoping to get a place on this but didn’t make the cut. 😩 I love the idea so keep your eyes peeled for the next one. I have written about the first 1000 days food method before and this combined in the beautiful surrounding of airfield it sounded like perfection.

Whilst on the subject of Airfield, we are recent new members and now that we are it’s great to be able to just pop up. The feeding/milking time for the chickens and cows is something I think Josh would love so like the rest of the activities below-it’s on the list! They also have a summer medley family event on 12th June which looks like great fun!

{Review of June event}: I am really enjoying being a member of Airfield, it’s such a lovely spot to be able to nip up to as it’s pretty close to our house. Their Summer Medley was on Sunday and like everything they do, they did it well, with taste and kids considered in every element. There were lovely lawn games, bee keepers, seed sowing, flag making, classical kids music and all the usual animals to keep you entertained. They had a lovely BBQ on the go and their stables cafe running so plenty of refreshment options too. We didn’t get to face paint or cupcake decorate but you could have spent all day with all the planned activities but our boy was over due a nap so after a fun few hours we headed home. 


Teddy Bears Picnic 
Rathwood is known for all it’s seasonal events and when this one came up on Groupon we jumped at the chance and booked in a suitable day for early July. I think Josh is at about the right age and their other events get well received. I will post an update once we have been!

{Review}: Josh was at the start of a gastro bug when we headed down here a couple of weeks ago but even still, he loved it! There have been a few things we have gone to, that I have wanted to experience with him before that I felt he was a little too young for but this was spot on. Older kids would enjoy it too but I would say about 4/5 would be the limit. The little train journey you take is perfectly timed and there is enough on and off the train without there being too much. You are kept well entertained throughout and it finishes with a picnic near the fairy house with the teddys before they head off for their next jaunt. I won’t spoil it too much but I would definitely put it on your toddler to do list. There is currently a groupon deal for this too.


We also stopped at Tinahely farm shop on the way home for some lunch and there is a big activity barn there that is rough and ready but looked lots of fun and for a full day out is really recommend this pit stop!


It seems not a lot of people know about this spot just outside Bray. It’s a beautiful house, estate and farm with a weekly farmers market and great individual events throughout the year. A friend of mine is even heading to the family friendly groove festival this weekend which sounds like lots of fun!


On the subject of Bray, it is lovely on a sunny day-a real old school seaside town and with icecream parlours, fun rides and a fab pizza spot, platform pizza-we plan to make a day trip down here soon. I think Josh would be fancinated by all the big fish too. I have heard good things so I am looking forward to making the trip very soon.

{Review}: We headed to Bray on a sunny Sunday. Having been out the night before the first stop was some grub and on the seafront if you want something more substantial than chips you can’t beat Platform Pizza. They have also opened a sister restaurant Box Burger that I can’t wait to try! We just happened to go on a day when a big fun fair was on and that certainly added to the fun. Josh just loved the rides and games! Not so much when we took him away..

We then headed to Sealife, we had a Dunnes receipt discount code so it was €17 euro in for the three of us (Josh was free). The square footage is small and certainly stuck in the 80s but Josh loved it. Most of the  viewing points are at toddler level and for older kids there are good information sessions. The highlight is the big shark tank at the end. A crepe was bought nearby to end a lovely family Sunday! 


Newbridge Farm

I have heard great reports about this North Co Dublin spot so this is on the list too. It is also half way to one of our fav eating spots, eastern seaboard and brown hound so double reason to put it high up on our ever growing list!


A great summer day out. A drive to this lovely seaside town, some lunch in a skerries spot and an icecream treat for afters from the lovely storm in a tea cup. Just 5 minutes drive away then is Ardgillian playground. It is a little walk from the car park but with it has fab views and a good selection of age appropriate play equipment so some Sunday this is definitely on our list to revisit.

National Gallery Workshops 

We have gone to these since Josh was small and their new brochure has just been released. There is so much passion from the organisers and a lot of thought goes into each one, it is almost infectious. They are well worth a visit but with some booking is essential and all ages are covered.

Powerscourt Gardens

We had been to the Avoca a number of times but this was Josh’s first visit to the magnificent gardens. He was free in and on a lovely sunny day the house and setting shone at it’s best. Josh loved counting the many steps, the bridges in the Japenese Garden and running in the grass to his hearts content while we lapped up the surrounds. There are also seasonal events that happen in the house so it is well worth keeping an eye.

Glenroe Farm

We revisited Glenroe farm recently too and Josh loved getting up close with the animals. It is a simple set up but there are lovely picnic tables and a great playground for a sunny day!

Messy Monkeys

Finally I just got notified this week that Messy Monkeys is returning for 2 dates this summer and we will be sure to be booking one of those!

There are other places on my list that are new and I want Josh to experience like the botanic gardens and places I want us to revisit like brittas bay. Keep banking happy summer memories for our wonderful little boy! 

We got to Brittas too which you may have seen and as a sunny day out it really is a super spot.

Happy summer exploring..