Mamas Fitness


It’s true what they say-9 months in and 9 months to come off!

Of course I hoped that it would all happen a bit quicker and for some it does but for me as I approach 8 months I still have about 5lb to lose. Having said that I did lose the bulk of the weight quite quickly and got back into all my pre baby clothes within a couple of months.

How did I do it-the basic sum-eat a little less and move a lot more! Breastfeeding really helped too and with feeding your diet has to remain balanced and plentiful. Cakes and treats did continue to have their place as I was meeting other mums for coffees so it was hard to resist… and continues to be! 😉 I just make sure I walk to coffee and walk back-simples, well kind of.

I also was lucky enough to win, yes win a years membership to The Gym, Rathgar just a few weeks after I had Josh-perfect timing. I left it the recommended 6 weeks and then signed myself up. I really am not a gym fan but have taken part in their super Bootcamp classes and now go on average twice a week and the resistance training involved in these sessions have really assisted in toning my overall physique but there is still a way to go. One of the trainers explained that it can take a year for your skin to spring back into place so the soft belly has a few months to go yet!

I have also taken part in Baby Body Fit as a trial which was great cause I could bring Josh along. I would have signed up but with the free Bootcamp classes I already get it was kind of hard to justify but would highly recommend it if you are looking for a class postpartum.

I fully except that my body has changed post Josh, my hips a little wider, my boobs a lot smaller and further south and my pelvic floor certainly not as strong despite working on that too-let’s just say star jumps are not my friend however I’m back in my skinny jeans and I’m not too far off my goal now so I’ll continue to eat cake occasionally, get my ass to Bootcamp and let’s face it one giggle from Josh as my wobbly body dances around the room to keep him entertained, it makes it all so worth it!