Nesting helped by Aldi!


      Nesting is in full flow in our house at the moment. I’m not that fast on my feet these days but slowly but surely with the help of hubby and family we are getting there.

      I am purchasing the last few bits and just when I thiught I was nearly there, this popped into my inbox-Aldi’s Baby and Toddler Event-happening this Thursday. I have written about these before because there are always items that tempt me. This time between Josh and the new baby there are quite a few. See below and get there early, the good ones always sell out fast!


      Price: 3.99-2 pack

      Price: 7.49-3 pack

      Price: 3.49-3 pack

      Price: 1.99-5 pack

      Price: 3.99 each

      Price: 14.99 each

      Price: 1.99 for travel pack of 4

      We already have one of these but handy to have one in each car for inevitable Irish rain showers!

      Price: 12.99 each 

      Josh is a big fan of fruit pouches for a treat-I’ll be stocking up on these at this great price! 

      Price: 2.99-5 pack


      We already have this but was a great buy so well worth making the trip of you need this style of buggy.
      Price: 44.99 each 
      Their whole range is expanding from toddler wipes to fabric softener so will be great to have those to hand as I always pick up a few bits in Aldi for my weekly shop. 

      Ready, steady-run to Aldi! You can check out more products and prices at Aldi Baby and Toddler Event


      I do love an Aldi Deal… 


      It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post, an unexpectedly busy time in our house hold but when this came in my inbox I wanted to share… 

      Aldi always have great baby/kids events and I have featured a couple here before. My husband who works near one has queued many a time to pick up the latest bargain! 

      I chose 3 of my favs from their next event which is taking place on Thursday 21st April and like all the others I’d get there early to avoid disappointment! 

      1. Table and Chair Set

      Definitely my top pick is this cute kids table and chairs with a blackboard top. We already have a table and chair set up in our kitchen for Josh’s crafts but I am very tempted my this! It will be priced at €39.99


      2. Nappy Change Kit

      I saw variations of these after I had Josh and thought they were a great idea. Once you are past the changing bag stage these would be great to just throw into your own bag and at this price you can’t really go too wrong. They will be priced at €9.99

      3. Cot Pockets 

      Finally I spotted these and the thought they were a great idea. Josh always wants to bring all manner of things into his cot with him and this is a great way of tidying them up and he still has them to hand. They come in nice bright designs to so would be a lovely addition to any child’s room. They come in sets of 2 and will be priced at €8.99 


      There are lots of other great items and a few others I’ll be trying to pick up but I hope you like my selection and manage to get your hands on some of the great deals!

      Check out for further info! 

      The World of Socks


      Having a little boy.. He wears a lot of socks. Of course the socks have to match the outfit so we have a ton of them. A good mummy friend sent me loads of socks when he was born and to this day they are a much used gift! Recently both Aldi & Lidl had Baby Events on so I picked up pairs at both retailers. Here’s what I thought:

      Aldi: €1.99 for 5
      A range of colours in blues, greys and reds-stripes & stars. A normal thickness but a nice soft cotton for little feet. These were a great buy. Lovely range and they stayed on his feet through all his kicking. Super price and super buy. Pick up some if you see them still in store. They come in a lovely girl and neutral version too.

      Lidl: €1.99 for pack of 2.
      Lovely bright colours with nice thickness and grippy soles. However these socks would not stay on his little feet and left lots of fluff between his toes. They are now at the bottom of the pile. Good value and looked promising but not a sock fav in this house.