Review-Pip & Pear


I was delighted to be sent another lovely range of Irish made kids products last week. It was a perfect time with my husband being away too-I had nutritious meals as a standby for Josh. 

“Pip & Pear Chilled Baby Food is the best alternative to home cooking with all of the goodness and none of the guilt!” The ingredients include Organic Fruit and Vegetables, Organic Gluten Free Baby Pasta, Bord Bia Approved Irish Beef, Lamb and Chicken and Bord Iascaigh Mhara approved Fish. 

I really loved the fun packaging and convenient little tubs. The price point is good too and I know I would have definitely had them in my shopping trolley when weaning Josh. Unfortunately mushed food is no longer his thing but he loved the fruit pots. I tasted the ones we used and they all tasted really wholesome and flavoursome too. 

I hated the bulk purée sessions in Josh’s early stages of eating so for mums heading into that stage, I say give yourselves a break every now and then and pick up a Pip & Pear and rest assured your little one is consuming a healthy meal with less of the stress for you!

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Ballymaloe Baby Food


As my little guy approached the world of solids, off I took myself and our little family to wonderful Ballymaloe for this afternoon demo at the start of the month.

The minute you drive through the gates of the world famous cookery school you feel energised and positive. We were welcomed by a wonderful array of cakes and some freshly brewed tea and coffee. We were given our packs filled with recipes for the day, then babies were dispatched to daddies and out to the gardens we went.

It began with a good discussion on planting your own seeds and how kids are fascinated by seeing things grow and then eating them. Not an easy task to look after little seedlings as well as your little one but their direction and description made me think I might give it a shot!

It was then back into the demo room for a discussion on weaning and some valid points from Darina which comes from her self penned notes from both her own daughters/daughters in law experiences.

The main ethos is natural, seasonal, organic produce for both you and baby which makes complete sense in your head and by the end of the session it also seems to make sense on your pocket. The main organic buys should be chicken, eggs, mushrooms and oranges according to Darina and outside of this seasonal & local as much as possible.

She recommends waiting until 6 months to wean breastfed babies, I have just started Josh at 19 weeks which will be discussed in a separate post and we also discussed baby led weaning versus traditional weaning methods. Most of the recipes are for slightly older babies/children but will be great to have them to hand over the coming months.

A lot of the recipes where demonstrated and Josh even nipped in for a feed after walking around the beautiful Ballymaloe gardens with his daddy. Samples were passed around and then at the end a spread of some of the recipes was laid out for all the mums and dads to enjoy.

This course is subsidised by the school due to their strong beliefs in this topic and there was no doubt as I walked out promising to return again soon that is was money well spent! Check out their website for the next course although I don’t think there is another one for baby food this year however they have other great kids courses too!