9 months In & Out


It’s been a fast 9 months but it also feels like he was never not here. I always find this milestone a memorable one as they are out of your tummy as long as they were in there….

Here are 9 nuggets we’ve learnt about Master Max in the last 9 months

1. His smiles are wide but his cries are loud. 

He’s more of a smiler than I remember his brother being and gives them generously but can also ‘crack it’ fairly intensely when the mood takes him too.

2. He is a mamas boy hands down. 

Having said that he is happy to give anyone a snuggle and a smile for a bit of attention in return.

3. He’s an inquisitive little thing.

He’s always looking around observing and taking it all in and I’ve no doubt with the way things are going he will be on the move soon.

4. He looooovvees the ‘3 Bs’ bread, boobs & bath.

A slice of toast can not pass your lips without him digging in too.  My boobs are his primary food/drink source, his comfort and his general go to/pull out of when he fancies it! 🙄  At bathtimes, the squeals of delight when he is in the water and the squeals of horror when we take him out are memorable.

5. He’s a blondy now but started off very dark.

This meant people who haven’t seen him in a while can’t believe the transformation.

6. He doesn’t sleep great, never really has, despite a fairly good routine.

This is a quality he has taken from his bro. We thought we might luck out with a sleeper this time but it seems not.

7. His personality is emerging a little different to Josh.

I kinda thought they’d just be the same, naively, but Max is more impish, he’s more gentle but also has a determination we didn’t see emerge in Josh until a little later.

8. He still has no teeth.

9 months, ‘teething’ since 3 with lots of symptoms and tons of drool but not a tooth in his head yet.

9. We all love him more than we thought possible.

Yes of course I knew I’d love him, our second child but my goodness the love I, and our whole little family have for him is more than we could have imagined, it’s intense and lovely and he brings us little nuggets of joy every day, 9 whole months of them with lots more to come! 


6 months of Max


6 months, that’s half a year. Gone in the blink of an eye. It’s gone so fast and yet when I look back on those early days with our new baby boy they seem a lifetime ago. 

I could not have imagined how much this little boy would enrich our lives, add to our family and take his rightful place so firmly in just a few short months.

The minute he shot out at 7.14am on 19th October last,  our bond was instant. I fell deeply in love with this little guy and my understanding of love as a mother became clearer. 

Seeing him come home and become part of our little family has been utterly magical. Within a few short weeks Josh had settled into the role of big brother and what an amazing big brother he is. His love, care and interaction with Max makes me so proud of my precious first born as he grows from a toddler into a little boy. 

Of course there are days where the exhaustion takes hold, he’s a regular waker at night still and both boys early risers. There are periods of time where you feel you barely touch base with your other half..this with 2 kids is the biggest change in our family dynamic I’ve noticed-zero quality time with my husband and sometimes I desperately miss ‘us’. However there will be moments, usually the simplest of things that make us realise how wonderful our existence really is. The time is going so fast and I want to make sure I try and enjoy every part. This can be more difficult some days but 6 months is a real marker and we have lots to look forward to.

The day will return that we get a little more sleep, a lot more adult conversation but the days will pass that he reaches out for me with his chubby hands or giggles at Dad like he is his hero so at night when we get into bed we try and remember this and know how truly lucky we really are. 

Here’s to the next 6 months baby boy and all it’s adventures but don’t go too fast as I see my baby changing before my eyes every day and that both makes me proud and sad too! I love you so much my little smiler and happy six months in this mad world of ours…

3 months of Max


3 months this wonderful little monkey has been in our lives, I cannot believe it. 

He has brought with him such happiness, joy and a real sense of togetherness in our growing family that I am so thankful for.

The first month was just lovely getting to know my new little man. I tried to rest more than I did with Josh those first few weeks and whilst Josh was still adjusting to our new way of life we still managed to have some memorable family moments with Halloween & Birthdays to boot. By the end of this month, feeding was well underway, any aches that I had were gone and it was time to start our new reality. 

The second month reality was well underway. My husband was back to work a few weeks and Christmas was coming upon us quickly. The run up to Christmas seemed extra crazy this year. I wanted to do all the magic things with Josh but didn’t really feel I was embracing it all and by the time Christmas Day itself came I must admit I was exhausted. Poor Max got a little short changed for his first Christmas but it was still lovely and I doubt he noticed that mama was a bit like a festive zombie! It was his start of smiles and Josh settling down and getting used to our new little family that really pushed me through at this time and it is always lovely to see your newest and dearest and catch up with pals as a sure way to cheer you up. 

Into month three we were into the new year and we went top to bottom in the house trying to clear any clutter due to more toys and another persons bits adding to the load. I also started to focus on losing the baby weight which this time was seriously taking its time and was starting to bother me. January has been mostly busy but productive. We have a new routine with Josh starting Montessori and I have signed myself and Max up to a few things which I will write about again. 

It’s certainly pretty hectic as a mum of 2. I have a super husband and a great ‘ga ga’ but the tiredness can still overwhelm you but other days it’s the love for your new little family that hits you like a thunderbolt. My life has shifted yet again adding another to the mix but I wouldn’t want it any other way… 

Next up is getting a bit of a routine in place around his sleep etc as at this stage from looking back, Josh’s was emerging and we also brought Josh swimming this month so that might be something to do as a family soon too.

I finished writing this watching La La land with my boy asleep in my arms and a cuppa in hand.. Life is good and sometimes in the whirlwind of motherhood you just need to check in with yourself and realise that the tiredness will pass and the good times are plenty! 

Newborns-the things you forget! 


We are over 3 weeks into the world of newborns again and there are some things you so quickly forget.

Sleep: How much the sleep every day. Yes the nighttime waking is tiring but we are used to that with our toddler! 

Boobs: Max isn’t the best latcher onto my boob so this makes the memory I forgot of flashing your boobs in public even more prevelant! 

*milk drunk! 

Breathing: You can barely see them breathe so poking Max is a common activity.

Nappies: Sooo many nappies.. You forget but it’s constant… 💩

Out and About: It’s pretty easy when they are so small to get stuff done. Factoring in feeds and stairs of course you can pretty much go and do anything!

Staying Put: Handy when you put them somewhere they just stay there… very useful for toilet trips. 

Smell: You forget the smell but oh it’s just so lovely… 

Wonderful Weeks 💙💙


It has been almost 2 weeks since we welcomed Max into our world. I have to say it’s been the most wonderful couple of weeks I can recall. Yes there have been challenges and a few  unexpecteds to contend with but the happiness he has brought into our lives far outweighs any of those.

It started with 2 days in hospital due to medical reasons, originally I wasn’t that keen but that 2 days of rest (not sleep I might add) was actually great. I got such special bonding time with Max whilst we both cuddled close on those long nights listening to the other babies cry. 

Leaving hospital felt like a new beginning of sorts and it was such a special day that I will always treasure. Having Josh and Ian come in to collect us was such a lovely memory and that day was filled with love and excitement.

The next few days of course were filled with lots of feeding, a few aches and pains and adjustment time for Josh with a lot of attention seeking but the bubble still remained and the happy hormones did their job. Not being in as much pain as the first time and knowing that sleepless nights etc were inevitable really helped and embracing it rather than fighting it made it all a little easier. 

My husband was an amazing support and I tried to just focus on becoming a family of four rather than constantly on to people or having lots of visitors that first week and that worked for us. It meant I got the feeding established and managed to get in some naps to make up for lost sleep. 

We did go and do some nice things as a family too and it was important when Josh was in school that my husband got time to bond with Max as well. 

By the end of the first week home and an odd experience with our new cleaner that had heightened my emotions-let’s just say she is no longer our cleaner and my bleeding increasing we did need to take a return visit to Holles St. I was checked over and thankfully all was ok and an explanation was given to why this might be happening. Due to my original blood loss it just meant a little more bed rest when I could but it was a relief to get the reassurance.

On the eve before a new month and it being Halloween we are spending it as a family, with ga ga included as she has had little or no time with Max due to work and got her first Josh night in a few weeks last night as their time together is important too.

I can’t express how lucky, thankful and happy I feel… this baby thing is addictive 😉 *as my husband runs the other direction! I love being a mama and this time I feel more able and strong than ever-long may is continue.