2nd Baby Buys


This is a post I  hoped to get up pre Max but he decided to arrive a little early but I thought it might be a handy one for second time mums.. As you will know, I knew I was expecting another boy so with that I got a lot of ‘oh that’s handy, you won’t need to buy much’ Well that didn’t stop me!

Firstly I didn’t know Josh was a boy so none of the early stuff is very ‘boyish’-cue buying new cute babygrows. Plus looking at Josh’s now, they all looked a bit tired. 

*very handy popper guide! 

*the obligatory going home outfit-Hat H&M, Cardi Zara & Babygrow Jo Jo Maman Bebe

Secondly, there were things we didn’t have the first time that I knew would be useful for second time-video monitor, bottle warmer are examples. I am exclusivily breastfeeding for now but plan to introduce a bottle like I did with Josh in a few weeks. Most of these items were bought in Mothercare in the sale. 

Thirdly, you can not control the nesting feeling that comes and new baby deserves a few new things too!
Here are some of my favourites and handy purchases I made. 

This cushion completed Max’s room and I just love it! I got it in Marks & Spencer with their very handy deliver to store service. 

I couldn’t resist this star set after re spraying the Tripp Trap!

I’ve always loved these muslins so this was an early purchase and put away until baby boy was born and they are a great size. A really lovely gift! I got mine from Cherish Me which is a fab baby boutique in Dublin. 

Happy Shopping! 


Second Pregnancy Realities 


This struggle is real… the realities of pregnancy number 2 has been quite a different experience for me. As the 40 weeks comes to a close here are some of the good,  the bad and the frankly funny which have come about…leaving out the boring/moany symptoms!

Food on bump: A meal or snack seldom passes without a baby wipe needed to take away the leftovers on the bump! 

Making it up the stairs: Somedays it has felt like Everest just getting to the top! 

Painting toes: I use the lack of being able to reach to go for regular pedis.. 

Wanting to eat more/all the time but not able to fit as much in: There is a stage of pregnancy where all you want to do is eat but towards the end it’s fitting it in that’s the problem! 

With this.. Feeling huge: I don’t think my bump is much bigger than with Josh but my body has definitely expanded and with aches and pains comes less exercise which is currently replaced by cake and that ain’t helping! 

Baby number 2 involves caring for a toddler too and this can bring its good and bad parts…

  • Belly becomes a ‘hill’ for racing cars which is definitely fun for someone. 
  • Belly also inhibits precious cuddle time, a real proper squeeze doesn’t become possible towards the end.
  • Hormones/tiredness makes nice mama into bold mama, apparently! 
  • Sharing the milestones and excitement with your first is very special. 
  • A still irregular sleeper in our almost 3 year old somewhat prepares us for the further sleep deprecation ahead. 
  • In and out of car seats, picking up toys etc is pretty back breaking as pregnancy progresses. 
  • The emotion of the shift in our family dynamic, from our precious first born to expanding our family can hit me when I least expect it and cue-all the tears! 

Would I change it, not for a second, are there hard days-yes and I’m sure some also lie ahead but how lucky am I and our family as we grow from 3 to 4! My first boy brings good and joy in every day and I’m excited for that to double in just a few weeks when his little brother arrives. 

Birth Story-Josh! 😳💙


Today I am half way there with baby number two which is very exciting but doing a review of my blog last week for its 1 year birthday I realised I never actually shared my birth story about Josh on the blog. It was featured in a parenting magazine and will be coming up on My Little Babog’s birth story series soon but I thought I’d post it here today and I can only hope that number 2 happens in a similar fashion.. It’s going to be sore, it’s not going to be pretty but I think all in all I had a pretty ok experience first time round! 


So our little baby was due on 2nd November but for some reason I always had this feeling that baby Felton would take me by surprise and arrive a little early. When my due date came and went I began to become pretty impatient. I had been a happy go lucky pregnant lady but now I was a large, impatient mama to be! 
I was told at my last appointment before my due date that they would do a sweep on my next appointment so I was holding out for that however on the Monday night when rushing out to prenatal yoga I thought/hoped my waters might have gone. I called my midwives and they said to head to yoga, relax and pop into the hospital on the way back. It turned out this little baby was sitting right on my bladder so it was not waters at all.
Anyway we left the hospital and I was pretty disheartened. We stopped to get a pizza and brownie as a treat dinner as off we went home. I contacted my nearest and dearest and told them I was taking a duvet day the next day as Baby Felton was nowhere near coming as the midwife had told me my cervix was not favourable and there had been no effacement.
I went to bed that night looking forward to the rest day the following day.. Baby Felton had other plans. Whilst reading I felt a warm feeling and realised my pyjama bottoms had soaked through. Thinking it was the same case as earlier I changed to a pair of my husbands white boxers as they said this is what you should do and dozed off. 

I awoke a short time later, soaked again with some cramping but I had weeks of Braxton Hicks so again didn’t think much of it, it was 1am at this stage. Just as I was changing again the pains started to get a little worse, my husband suggested calling the hospital but I was too embarrassed as they had just said that there was nothing going on so I didn’t believe there could be. I decided to have a bath and see if the pains went away, before I got in the bath my contractions were 7 minutes apart when I got out they were 3! I knew it was time to call the hospital. The switch was down so by the time I spoke to the midwife I also had a ‘show’ and she knew by my voice it was time. 

With no clothes laid out we grabbed what we could, the bag was at the door and with a strong contraction on our front drive we somehow made it to Holles St over all those speed bumps! It’s only a 10 minute journey from our house but it felt a lot longer…
We arrived at Holles St at just after 4am. I was brought up to admissions and had 3 contractions on the way up the steps and while getting admitted. I am glad it was the middle of the night as I was on my hands and knees at this stage but no one was around to witness it except the very understand admissions staff and porter!I was brought up to the nurses station where they quickly assessed me and brought me straight to the delivery suite. 

Unfortunately my community midwives were labouring someone else so I was assigned to another midwife from the main hospital. I barely had time to get my nighty on as the contractions were coming thick and fast now. They checked me and at first thought I was 7/8 cm but then rechecked and I was 5. I went from 5-9 very quickly and as much as I fought it in transition decided the epidural was for me. My husband decided to tell the selected few that I was in labour and it wouldn’t be long now. I couldn’t breath, I was flayling around the room but baby Felton was happy and coming pretty soon so the anetigiolisgist came to me quickly and got me sorted nice and quickly, how I stYef still for that minute while the needle went in I’ll never know! 

Once I had the epidural they asked me to give a few small pushes as I was feeling pressure, they then left me for about 40 minutes to see if baby would move down and sure he did. By then my community midwives were freed up and I had a great rapport with them so it was great to have them for the pushing stage. Theresa was brilliant and I used gas and air for every contraction as my husband kept my cool with a damp cloth on my head. It was great because the pain was gone but I could feel the pressure to push. 40 minutes later the head popped out immediately followed by the body and our baby boy was born at 8.32am. My husband cut the cord, we named him Joshua Luca and a new family was created. 

A wonderful day with special memories and as it turned out he did give us a surprise by coming so quickly but just not in the way that we thought!