Sleep where art thou…💤


Josh has never been a super sleeper. He has a good routine and goes down great but I don’t think in 18 months we’ve had a full week go by with a full night and he has never been a 7-7 boy, 6 is kind of his limit. 

This is fine most of the time, the body adjusts but sometimes it hits you like a train, a train you would rather get off at the next stop kind of train! 

I have spoken about tiredness in previous posts and whilst I know it’s part and parcel of parenthood and to be honest the only real negative I can find in the whole experience. However when trying to work and have some kind of balance in day to day life an extra hour or two would be a welcome blessing…  Weekends are where we catch up a little. One of us gets up one day at the crack of dawn and does the morning drill then a couple of hours later the other goes back for an hour or so before heading out for the day. And on that note, I head back to my bed for some much needed shut eye!