Josh’s First Holiday


We all went on holiday to Portugal in late May, granny in tow. First holiday with josh meant there was huge excitement and unprecedented planning and packing! He took the large case, we took carry on. 😉. Here is a quick run through of what I brought and found handy, I must say there wasn’t much that I brought that I wouldn’t have!
•Sleeveless vests were great and not too warm
•Baby float for pool gave him a bit of independence
•Dressing gown for morning walks and after pool
•Footless jammies so he wasn’t too warm at night
•His blanket from his cot at home
•Ball pool without the balls & toys for playing in
•Pre made baby formula & powder was handy for our short trip rather than buying it there as he only takes a night bottle
•Ella’s food pouches which I was glad I did cause our resort is small
•Sarong and blanket used for feeding by the pool
•Lots of swimwear and the wetsuit top was great as it was a little cooler than we planned
•Bath time bits as all the suncream, sand and chlorine needs to be washed away
•Plenty of hats, even if they do pull them off
•Steriliser bags for night bottles
•Ziplock bags to bring his lunch out and about
•Your own travel cot sheet that he has used before if possible
•Snooze/Uv shade for buggy was a lifesaver

Obviously his clothes etc came too but these were the bits I’d make sure are packed!

Josh adapted well to the plane, change of scenery/routine and the weather wasn’t that hot so the pool was a little chilly but he splashed away.

Ryanair’s new changes were very child friendly and I really thought the overall experience was great and stress free. He didn’t sleep the whole flight but I fed him and we played with him in between until the 2.5 hours passed.

We have stayed many times in our chosen location in the Eastern Algarve so it’s like home from home. We unpacked, got organised and headed out to the pool to settle Josh in to his new surrounds.

Unfortunately the next day was very dull and Josh had picked up a little cold so we lay low and made the best of a grey day by heading into a beautiful local town for some dinner on the local bus. All very easy-popped the pram on the bus and off we went.

As for his routine, that kind of went by the by but he had some semblance of it. Morning feed, early & mid morning nap in the shade, then when the sun returned another lunchtime nap, some extra naps were definitely had. For the night routine, I soon realised, it was best just to go with the flow. We always headed out about 7 and I would feed him and rock/walk him to sleep as then he would pop back in the buggy or stay in my arms while we chomped and drank vino, this was a definite change from the norm but he was happy, we were happy and it worked. We would then stroll home, have a glass of wine on the balcony and he would usually wake, about 10. We would cuddle and play and then he would get his usual ‘dream feed’ about 10.30/11. Then it was down into his travel cot where he would slumber until about 5-6 and come into bed then till 7 when granny took him off down the town for brekkie and mama & dada got a lovely lie in!

What would I do differently-not a lot to be honest but first things first..
We would definitely stay longer and not because that’s always how you feel when on holiday but we quickly realised that really a short trip for all the preparation and settling into your new kind of holiday is not ideal but it was still very enjoyable..
I wouldn’t spend 25 euro on baby glasses-he wore them for all of half a second and he’s a pretty patient/compliant baby!
Bring more meds-I didn’t really foresee him getting a cold!

Our return journey was fairly plane sailing too but Faro airport is nowhere near as baby /customer friendly as Dublin and it really showed how great Dublin airport is in my opinion. However a quick purchase of a new Longchamp bag to replace the nappy bag was a bonus before hopping on the plane and returning to the Emerald Isle refreshed and raring for the summer ahead!