Baby Workshops at The National Gallery


Yesterday after trying to get on the list for the last few months, myself and Josh attended a Baby Workshop in The National Gallery. They are held on the 3rd Monday of every month and you have to send an email the Tuesday before to try and get your spot.

This month it was all about shapes and texture. We arrived and the session started promptly. Off we headed to see a Picasso, 10 babies in tow… The workshop was based on these abstract shapes and the babies reactions to them. Josh absolutely loved it! He babbled the whole way though the gallery and then got stuck in to all the different shapes, balls and wooden shapes that were at their disposal to explore. We finished with a singsong and just like a flash the 35 minute session was up.

Parking was easy on Merrion Sq and include a coffee in the cafe and you have yourself a lovely day out!

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