Classes for Baby Number 2 


I wasn’t sure I’d go full hog on the baby classses for baba number 2 but when it came to it, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for some one on one time that becomes such a rarity with the second child. 

We did both our classes with Little Lotus. Baby Massage and Baby Yoga. Here’s a little about both below if you are looking into doing some yourself! 

{Baby Massage}

This class is run over about an hour but the massage part is over a 30 minute period. This particular class was done so nicely. When we arrived there was a mat, super soft pillow and little printed name card for each baby. We all circled a big patchwork quilt and with plenty of time to chill we got started. Each week we worked on different areas of the babies in the lovely warm room. The whole class is baby led so stopping for feeds, cuddles etc is all encouraged and you feel completely at ease. It just happened all but one were all second time mums so we had lots to chat about. Our chats were made all the nicer by a range of yummy bikkies and a hot cup of tea made by the lovely Jennie. The best part about it was aguaranteed  good sleep by Max after the class so some down time for mama or at least time to get the dinner on! 😉

{Baby Yoga}

I joined this class half way through the term but I really wanted to take part as there were a few members of my baby massage class, I had loved that so much and I also knew with all the actions/songs involved in baby yoga that Max would just love it and I wasn’t wrong! The class takes a similar format to the baby massage but is a bit more action filled. There is good stretching and movement for mama and song brilliant songs and swinging for baba when Max just squealed with delight. The session is finished by lying with your baby to a lovely uplifting song and along with Max’s gigggles this was probably my favourite part of this class, chilling and reflecting with my littlest man.

I hope to also do some of these in the coming months as they were something I really enjoyed with Josh. NGI Baby Class, Messy Monkeys & a few more Baby Cinema sessions before he’s on the move! 


Baby Yoga


We have just finished our last class of a 5 week course of Baby/Mummy Yoga, again with Rachel of We will be sad to say goodbye as it was something I really looked forward to every week.
The class was not only a good workout but had lots of toys for the babies and baby yoga time too. One of my mummy friends happened to be doing the same course so that was really nice, catching up on a weekly basis and meeting for coffee/lunch on the odd occasion.
I would really recommend this Baby Yoga class as I have heard others can be a bit mild on the mummy’s and it is great to get a workout too! Josh just loved it, the tempo was a lot more energetic than the baby massage but that certainly wasn’t a bad thing. As usual Rachel made everyone feel welcome with weekly chats, chocs and refreshments.
Check out her classes here as they book out fast!—Baby-Classes.html


Classes-Trial & Error


I love getting out and about with Josh so in the last few weeks we have tried a few classes.

We had done a private yoga/massage session with my friend and pre natal teacher when I/we were 6 weeks postpartum but she was then travelling to Asia and I also wanted to get into a weekly routine so started investigating my options.

First up was a baby yoga class that the teacher didn’t bother to turn up to, frustrating when we had trekked all the way to the class. Needless to say I then wanted to look for an alternative teacher!

Next up was a ClapHandies trial Playlabs. The organisation of this class and the concept was great. You go through a set routine which alters slightly each week. It focuses on developmental elements for baby and lots of interaction, signing and movement was the aim of the game. I don’t know exactly what it was about it but it just wasn’t for me but I would certainly recommend a trial and if you have a Mothercare family card there is a great offer for a trial at over half price on now!

Last week we started Baby Massage with Rachel Gaffey of MyWellBeing,
I had learned a few techniques in the early days but from the first class this looks like it is going to be extensive and Rachel has a real passion for her teachings and it shows. The class is well set up and easy to follow. She makes all the babies and mums/dads feel very comfortable and I am looking forward to the next one this week! Baby boy slept for 3 hours after the last one so I’ll hopefully be napping too this Wednesday afternoon! Baby Massage is also refundable on some health insurance policies so check yours out!

I hope to start Baby Yoga with Rachel next term but at the moment she is so good and well regarded her classes are full so fingers crossed.

This Friday we are bringing Josh for his first swim so I’ll let you know how that goes-we can’t wait! I am also signed up to a first aid seminar so will fill you in on that too.