Babymoon Bliss


Yes yes, there a lot of new fangled ideas in recent years with push presents and babymoons etc but hey I’m a girl who generally likes to jump on a bandwagon so off we took ourselves to Castlemartyr last weekend.

Coming up to our night away I was completely exhausted, in quite a lot of pain and quite nervous about the enormity of what was just around the corner. I really hate moaning as I know how blessed I am but some days it’s been a struggle to even walk and the tiredness is on a level I’ve never experienced. I’ve done the newborn nights, I’ve gone through one pregnancy and I have a boy who isn’t very consistent in his sleep but back then I had reserves-the reserves are well and truly depleted at this stage which is what was making me nervous. With labour and night feeds ahead my body needed some r&r and that’s what it got.

I am also finishing work a week early, finishing tomorrow-eek! Iron levels are not coming up as quickly as they’d hoped and with the back pain etc it’s time to slow down (as much as you can with a toddler at home). 

I have a few nice ‘me time’ things planned for the weeks leading up to D day as well as some quality time with Josh when I’m not ratty and completely exhausted. 

So back to the ‘mini babymoon’..It was really important to both myself and Ian to get some ‘us time’ before baby 2 arrives. Life is about to come a whole lot crazier and days/weeks already go by in a work, creche, home jobs, baby prep routine where your feet never really hit the ground so it was lovely to get away and have some proper time together and get to chat about all the excitement that lies ahead.

We chose Castlemartyr as it was one on our list but also due to its proximity to Ballymaloe-a place I love. Our trip incorporated a lunch stop for some Saturday pizzas and a gorg slice of cake in the cafe before we returned home on Sunday.

Castlemartyr itself is lovely.Gorgeous grounds and a luxurious interior. Highlights for me where most definitely the bed with its duck mattress topper, we didn’t get to walk too far but where we did, the grounds were fab and the room you have brekkie in, also very good, was lovely and quaint. 

The spa and pool is very nice too but I am never as keen when the pool is part of a health club as opposed to attached to the spa to give it an extra luxurious feel. We also didn’t get to sit in their nice bar for a pre dinner drink as this was reserved for a wedding but these are only small things and overall it’s a lovely spot to stay in. 

We also went to a fab restaurant on Saturday evening which is well worth a visit if you are down that way-Sage Restaurant

As we become parents of 2 over the next few weeks, I’m not sure you can be fully prepared for what lies ahead but I feel as ready as I can be and I’ll cherish this time I had with my fantastic husband who has been a pillar of patience over the trickier times, the last few months. I do hope we continue to get a night away, even once a year as we are the foundations of this little family we are creating around us so touching base, checking in away from everything for a night and getting quality time together is important-whatever name you want to give it. A babymoon might be an added expense to an already expensive time but in my opinion it is worth it!