Nights without Josh..


We have just returned from a night away but 2 full days as we had weddings back to back of 2 sets of dear friends.. One in Cork and one in Westmeath.

We had spent a night away from him before, firstly when he was 3.5 months and one when he was 8 months but this was the longest stretch. Ian has been away on a few 2 day stags but this was the longest I’d been away.

Getting away for a night or having a night to yourselves is really important and I think the longer you leave it the harder it would be so I would recommend it before the 6 month mark if you have a trusted babysitter/family member to hold fort for the night! It brings back a sense of yourself, your importance as a couple and some much needed rest time too.

Breastfeeding can make this a little tricker which is why getting a bottle in early to give you some relief is also a good idea but this is not the only issue-in the earlier days rapidly filling boobs when baby is not emptying them can be both painful and detrimental in fear of getting mastitis so make sure you have a good pump in your overnight bag.

It has to be said on our return from our latest jaunt that Josh seemed a little miffed/confused by the whole thing which did break my heart a little but ultimately I know it’s good for us all.

The key to nights away is write a good routine list for your selected sitter, even if they know your baba well. Make it easy for them-prep bottles, bag food, have clothes at the ready. Get them to send pics so your heart doesn’t burst-one of ours is featured from the most recent trip.. I’d say on your first night just stay at home or go somewhere close. And don’t forget to leave a few treats in the bikkie tin and a big thank you on your return!!!