Monthly Dinner Inspo-Batch Cooking for Baby


I think it’s been a little longer than a month since my last post on this topic. This month it’s all about batch cooking. They are basic recipes and are mostly in my head as they are weekly staples in our house but I have included links to recipe references. They make great freezer meals and are nutritious and wholesome for those early days when breastfeeding will make you ravenous and the last thing you want to do is cook!
Here are some of the meals I whipped up in recent day ahead of the arrival with links to on each one as a guide. 



Chicken and Brocolli Bake 


Shepard’s Pie

I also have a good stock of meats, some bakes for visitors and Josh’s grub in there too! I added to the list with some Avoca meals and Marks Quiche so there is a good supply there. 

All the food was stored in Ikea bags or these handy tubs from Dealz. 

Also some fellow bloggers have some great tips and recipes on their sites too: -10 tips for quick dinners -Handy easy recipes