Birthday Boy 💙🎈


On the eve of Josh’s birthday it’s as good as time as any to get nostalgic… I began this blog as a online diary which this summer evolved publicly into a fully fledged blog. I hope one day he can read these post and use it as a memoir of sorts. 

When I look back on this day 2 years ago waiting for his arrival, not knowing in a matter of hours I’d be flayling around Holles St willing him to arrive into the world! Not only did I not realise what pain lay ahead but I had no comprehension of how much my life was about to change. You think you know, you’ve heard the stories but you haven’t a clue. Being a parent is all consuming and as the months and years pass by you certainly adapt to the changes and embrace them. You learn as you go and then suddenly you can’t imagine your life any other way. 

I always knew there would be good times, tough times and my love for my child would be huge but it really is imesurable how much I love that boy, how much joy he brings me and how he now wills me on every day. 

He amazes me and others with his observations and constant chatter. He has a boisterous side but an affectionate side too. Yes 2 year olds are completely exhausting, especially the ones that are still not consistently good sleepers but the fun, love and happiness you get it return far far outweighs that. 

I am in a very different place than I was even a year ago, which you may have read in a recent post. I certainly don’t have the answers and wonder do they even really exist but what I do know, like so many other parents is, I am going to do the very best by Josh and my family to make him a secure and happy boy now and in the future.

Happy Birthday baby boy, you’ve robbed us of sleep but filled our hearts with happiness!