A year in the life of Mummy Moments 🎂


Earlier in the week Facebook kindly reminded me that my blog was officially ‘launched’ a year ago.. 

I started this ‘blog’ more than a year ago, first writing emails to Josh then putting it in a blog format but more like a diary of my new life with Josh. I then decided I’d go public. Whilst I am a social media addict, this was a little more ‘real’. I decided if I was going to do it, I had to make it ‘real’. Good times, bad times and everything in between. 

I perhaps haven’t had the chance to give it the focus I would have wanted but I am going to make that was year 2 is about and I thought I’d share with you some of my highs, lows and achievements below.

Launch and Logo

I launched on June 1st 2015 and when deciding to go ‘public’ I wanted a strong brand logo and name. I’d come up with the name a while before but the logo was important to be and the brilliant Clío, who is a blogger herself came up with the below which I just love! 

Top Blog Posts

I looked back and some of them are obvious, some not so much but the most popular all the same!

•Forever Living Products-just shows its popularity

The Unspoken Tragedy-see below  

Meerkat Play Cafe-I loved this when josh was small and will love it again for baby number 2 hopefully

Lambert Puppet Theatre-like above I love to see that people are seeking our activities via my blog and likely to support small and local businesses 

Some Lovely News-It was lovely to be able to write this post only a few month on from my miscarriage and again got a wealth of lovely responses from my readers. 

Hardest post to write:

Most definitely The Unspoken Tragedy. I wrote this shortly after I came out hospital not sure what I was going to do with it but one month on I decided to publish and let it go and I am so glad I did. I got a huge response and what struck me was just how unfortunately common it really is amongst health young women. There is no point writing a blog and showing all the good stuff but to date this has been my toughest challenge by far! 

My favourite posts:

It was hard to pick just one so here are 3: The posts I have chosen were both easy to write in that the words came easily and also I enjoy when posts get a good reaction.

I am a mum..-A recent one but lots of public and private response to this!

Dada’s Day-Always important to remember the influence great Dads have to play 

Toddler Yummy Tummies-This one is an oldie but at the time thankfully gave some parents with tricky toddlers some tasty options for healthy snacks. 

Awards and achievements:

Some of these awards you enter and some you don’t but to date I have been shortlisted for a few which is lovely. 

I was also asked to write a weekly post for a number of months for xpose which was fab when I was only starting out. 

Another year lies ahead now and another baby is on its way with lots more stories to tell. What astounds me is thousands of people have come on to my blog to read it over the last year from Ireland to America, Brazil and Australia! I hope to continue to write posts people enjoy and find useful and if nothing else it is a lovely record to have of the special times spent as being a mum!