Sibling Bond


I am an only child so it was always so important to me to have at least one sibling for Josh. It is genuinely one of the things I felt I missed as a child and continue to miss as you go through the cycles of life. I have great friends, I have a sort of sister but I don’t think anything can beat that connection you have with a sibling. 

When Max arrived I never anticipated how quickly the boys would create that bond. For me it is completely mesmerising to watch. The love Josh has for Max and even at just under 4 months the adoration that Max has for Josh is beyond amazing. 

I am quite sure there are days ahead where they will kill eachother and there could be times where they might not even like eachother that much but I hope for them a lifelong journey of brotherhood ahead. They are lucky to have eachother and I’ll be telling them that too…