Reflection-Perception V Reality


Summer all the regular routines go out the window and with the recent spell of good weather too even more so!

Being on holidays earlier this summer and with new routines about to take hold with school starting for Josh and a change of school and times for Max it got me thinking.

I work part time and we chose to make this change when we knew number 2 was on the way. We have no retired parents to pick up the slack or a big family for support and it was something we both wanted for the boys too. But part time is not always the ideal solution for balance either. For the full time ‘other parent’ working-they get the ‘jobs’ done, dinner on the table and happy kids but the person at home, because they are at home can be expected to ‘do’ a little more but still has to work too. Sometimes in our house that can end up with a seriously frazzled mama.

It kind of means you never get a ‘break’ but then does anyone?? I find my days in work I get some of the ‘break’ I need more than my days at home but that is only because my job us not overly full on but it is client facing so I cannot ‘fall asleep on the job’ per se or wander away for a coffee on my tireder days…Sometimes I think people look on and think part time is the easier option but having done both, it is the option for all that I prefer but is it easier, I don’t think so..

I think social media can have an affect on people’s perception of snippets of your life. Most people choose to share happy moments online and whilst I do try and maintain a realistic view I also like to exude a positive tone across my platforms. I share a lot of what we get up to through my stories and a little less so on the main grid but I use it both as a family ‘album’ of sorts and also for the blog.. I don’t ever recall people putting the crap pics in their family picture albums and I suppose this is the same… On the blog side of things I get a lot of reaction to my outings with the boys so will be focusing a lot more on that and make it easier for people to view and engage with. It’s our favourite thing to do, get out and about so if I can inspire ideas for someone else then I’m more than happy to.

There is a common theme going back the couple of years I have been writing my musings on this blog that really there is no right or wrong way-no easier way just a way that somewhat works for you and your family. It works now so I am about to see what the school set up and logistics will bring, from what I can see there seems to be mostly full time or stay at home but not that many in between.

It’s an ongoing to discussion/debate amongst my peer group and never do we conclude if anyone has found the perfect solution so my conclusion is there possibly ain’t one. I think for most the grass is greener or can sometimes feel that way but ultimately it is about finding your own way and the things and circumstances that work best for you.

Another part of being with the boys that can be tricky is that Max DOES NOT nap, I mean he dozes occasionally but at no set time and this can make the days long and frankly tedious at times. Josh was a good napper-12-2  pretty religiously. To be fair with collections for Josh now etc Max is dragged around a little more but he is busy so a nap a day would help a lot just to get a little concentrated time with Josh and generally get sh*t done. Any advice would we welcomed but I fear it’s the being dragged around and pick ups etc that doesn’t help!

I am hoping come September once the new routine is bedded down some of these elements fall into place but until then I really hope to see out the rest of the summer ‘hashtag making memories’ and just going with the flow while we can…