Our Parents Blogger Group got asked to contact this newish Irish product for review a few weeks back. Mine arrived on a sunny Friday last week. 

I got all 3 flavours, big & small, a cool bag and an icecream scoop along with an information sheet. I opened the door with my dressing gown, hair wet and moisturiser all over my hands but Joanna couldn’t of been nicer and placed all her lovely products in my kitchen and left me to it. 

We were off to Brittas that day so I chanced bringing one on the journey for the beach. It didn’t quite make it but even melted the banana and strawberry flavour was pretty delish. Later that evening we got to give it a proper try and my taste tester seemed to approve. Of course I had to try too to be able to write the review 😉

There is a lovely smooth texture makes it tasty very creamy and the flavours of each combination really come through. I really liked the packaging too, it’s fun and appeals to kids and adults alike. 

With a few tubs still in the freezer it’s a great healthy go to for all the family and Josh loves his ‘ice ceeen’ on a sunny day.

Here is some further info on this yummy product:

  • Made with whole milk, yogurt and unsweetened fruit puree
  • Contains almost 20% real fruit
  • Contains no artificial additives, preservatives or colourings
  • Gluten free
  • Low fat (less than 3%)
  • Low GI

Chillymoo is available selected major supermarkets nationwide. I love the sea of their party packs too-check them out here!