Some of our fav gifts and handy products


As we approach 12 months with Josh I had a little think of the handy gift and gadgets we got along the way and here are our fav. Some things you are told to get are totally unnecessary but some are super handy too!

We got so many fab gifts but some of the first gifts we got that got used again and again include:
Winnie the Pooh projector night light-still used to give 10 more minutes in the cot in the mornings
Clevermama Towel-very handy for bath time
Moo goo shampoo & wash-so gentle on babas skin
Multi mam breast pads-a must for breast feeding mamas
Socks-you can never hade enough socks
Annabel Karmel weaning book-seemed a long way off when I got it but was invaluable when it was time to get Josh onto solids
Avent Dual room and bath thermometer-so handy that you can use for both and that is so accurate
7am Walking buggy hand muffs-A treat from my husband but used to death after getting a fab matching maxi cosi/buggy muff from a friend.
Blankets-We got a good few but he has picked his 2 fav and we use one for playing and one for bed.
The clothes you got for 12 months plus that you are so thankful of now…

Products we got/borrowed and used a lot:
Baby bath-we just picked ours up in ikea but I think when they are are very handy and then a bath
Top and tail bowl-I didn’t think we would use this and my mum laughed when I got roped into buying it and whilst it’s dusty now, we used it loads at the beginning.
Jumparoo-we borrowed this from a friend after Josh loved it in another friends house at about 6 months-he loved it!
Swim ring-Used both for hols and our weekly swim, gives him a little independence
Babypotz-We use these to death! Still do… A really great product!
Ball pool-this was a gift but a great container for toys and playtime
Baby bath support seat-frees up your hands and gives baba a little bit of independence in the big bath!

What I would probably get next time:

I’d put baby straight in a crib rather than moses, crib then cot!
I do think an auld bottle warmer would be handy and maybe an insulated bag, even though I was a breastfeeder.
Better breastfeeding tops.
A good pump.
A 4 door car before all your extra money was taken up with nappies and formula!