10 months


Josh has just turned 11 months. 1 more month to go before the big birthday. I’ve ordered all his party bits and the plans are in place! More on that in a future blog post…

This month was an eventful one… The poor little thing had a cold most of the month. Not a lot you can do but keep them warm. We got baby olbis oil and a baby vapour rub which helped a little and I used a saline spray to help his congestion. It took ages to pass and then at the end of the month myself and Ian went to barcelona for 2 days and my poor mum got a fright when he broke out in a rash-head to toe! She brought him straight to the doc and he reassured her that is was ok, probably part of a virus he has along with swollen glands and tonsils. He had been rejecting food which is very unlike him so that all made sense. He hasn’t really been out of sorts other than that and seems to be on the mend now.

It was our first trip away without Josh in 11 months, 3 nights-2 days. It was well needed by the time it came around and we really embraced it. On the 2nd night I had to resist looking at photos as my heart was pining a little. However the break and time as husband and wife rather than mum and dad did us the world of good and whilst Josh was a little clingy on our return it was a success all round and would be nice to try and make an annual jaunt away!

He’s really progressed in so many areas from babbling away, understanding things like ‘where’s your toes, where’s the birdies, clap your hands’, moving around a good bit more {still not crawling} and defining his personality. I said to someone recently that he is still the same happy boy with a bit of ‘scamp’-they asked me was that ‘mothers language’ for ‘bold’ and I’m not sure really, perhaps but my happy/scampy boy fills me with joy and getting time to reflect in Barcelona made me realise that even more!