Bored of Blogging 


Not quite what is seems… I’m not bored of blogging albeit my time is more limited to write content these days. 

However it would seem the world is… From what I can see there is a huge social media focus at the moment and while my likes go up, my readership is going down. 

I’m certainly not going to stop blogging, I enjoy it and have always done it partially as a diary too for the boys but my posts will be more sporadic, or even more so than they are now! 

I work with several brands now and the content is stronger on social media platforms too so for now this is where my focus will lie. Showing a little of our lives, sharing some tips and observations too. 

Now is as good as time as ever to step away for a bit as we are heading away on Friday for almost two weeks so happy hols for the Felton’s and for Mummy Moments too! 

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