A week of firsts…. 💙💙


I got that Friday feeling big time this week… It’s been a week of lots of firsts and I’m both exhausted and elated. 

Just over a week ago Max’s 2 bottom teeth popped through, finally!!! We had a few weeks before that of horrendous sleep so the two new spikey additions were welcomed.

Next up was crawling, also would have played its part is the dreadful sleep… My husband had always thought he would start before crèche and I really hoped he would. Sure as can be after weeks of his own little manuvoures he got up on his knees but his little hand forward and he was flying it-delighted with himself! It was a lovely moment and cheered up a dreary Tuesday morning.

The very next day was the start of settle in week in creche. I felt all the emotions, it didn’t matter that this was my second time round I was equally upset. I put on his little outfit, took the obligatory pic and off we went. It didn’t go so well, the minute I stepped out of the room he completely lost it. More than anything is surprised me cause he’s such a sociable little chap but he is also a mamas boy and pretty clued in so I reckon he picked up on the vibes and was testing the water. The next day went a whole lot better and that was such a relief. Today was a mixed bag but with a cold picked up from his dada and a few other reasons I can pin point I am hoping on his return next week we might have a smoother run… 

In the midst of all this I can see my older boy getting so independent and grown up so I am a bag of emotions at the moment but I also want to burst with pride. I need cake, coffee and wine to assist with all these changes and I’ve been allowing myself plenty these last few days. Now work looms and I think I’m ‘kinda’ ready! 😬


What we’ve been up to…


It’s been a while since I’ve tapped down our escapades… Josh is 13 months today so I will no longer be reflecting on his milestones monthly but certainly filling you in when he surprises us with his next trick! Since his birthday, it has been such a busy, fun time so lots to fill you in on.

We’ve been to several first birthday parties which was lovely. Josh started crawling-yay! We watched the toy show with delight and went to a french class too.

Josh had begun pulling himself up in his cot at about 11.5 months, literally straight after I raised concern with my public health nurse. It was then 3 days after his first birthday we were in our room, he was in his and next thing he appeared beside us-he’s been flying around ever since! It’s certainly busier, racing around after him but I love seeing him having his own independence-he loves exploring and pulling things out of cupboards, boxes etc-see below!

We also went to a great sample french class/sing along for babies called Mimis, it was really lovely and I think in the new year we will sign up as it’s something different. You basically have a singalong with props but all based in French. I have no doubt that it must all seep into their little brains. See details below.

We are most certainly in the throw of Christmas perpetration. We began with a weekend of the toy show which Josh danced to the next day and then we went on a reindeer run Santa saunter the same weekend. I really cannot wait for it this year.. A little fearful of him using the tree as another thing to pull himself up on but he loves all the lights and is well sussed on the pressies so it should be a lot of fun. We are visiting Santa this weekend so another post on that soon!



11 months


With his impending first birthday, I reflected on the final month of babyhood!

Josh turned 11 months the day after we returned from our first trip away from him. I soaked him up on our return and whilst he took a week or so to settle back to his normal sleeping pattern, the trip left mama & dada refreshed, reflective and feeling very lucky to have such a precious boy to return to.

I had a growing concern that Josh’s gross motor skills were not aligned with his peers. Whilst I knew he was going from strength to strength in other milestones I just had a niggling feeling so got him booked in with the public doctor and sure enough the week I did he started moving a lot more. To this day he does not crawl in the traditional sense but he gets around in his own way…

As the month went on he got really fast shifting himself back to a seated position, pointing at everything, communicating in his own way. Another cold to boot and his first Halloween, a trip to get his first pair of shoes {a very special moment} then it was time to turn 1.

A common theme this first 9 months that I have written these posts is how fast time has gone but a year-it’s a milestone for all, not just him but myself and dada. We celebrated together over a glass of vino and some grub in a special pizza spot on Saturday night and have an exciting week ahead…