4-6 Weeks-Life with the Little Man


You get to 4 weeks and you’ve started to get out and about more, your body certainly starts to feel stronger that’s for sure. The last of the visitors are popping by at a more irregular pace and your new life, much changed has begun.
This stage for me was just pre Christmas so lots of excitement and festivities and I remember it fondly.
This is also the point where your little bundle starts to come into their own, a few less feeds, which results in a few less poos and if you are lucky something more than a wind smile. However the real smiles took a few more weeks. We jumped around, sang, shoved toys in his face but it seems they will smile for real when they are good and ready! With sleep we found this too, more on this in the next post.
Development is a daily niggling concern but if your baby seems happy and alert at this stage I reckon they are doing just fine but I always had my weekly health centre breastfeeding class to run over anything with the other mums or the nurse which was great.
Talking of wind, this was our baby’s achilles heel. Poor little thing was such a guzzler that he was gripped with pain after most feeds and also posseted {vommed} a lot of his feeds on certain days. We tried infacol but didn’t find it great then my good mummy friend gave me a bottle of gripe water-without alcohol, the new version from Northern Ireland, the only place you can get it and this seemed to help the odd time when it got very bad.
The six week check came and our little guy passed all the benchmarks. I was also checked over and politely told to work on my pelvic floor so that’s what I did! It was at this time it was the opportunity to discuss contraception too because as much as we love Joshua a number 2 would not be welcomed quite so soon…
About now was the turning point clothes wise. Daily babygros turn into the joy of picking daily outfits. I have to admit the girly girl in me loves doing this for him, especially as at this stage I wasn’t feeling very body confident so at least I could get excited about clothes of a different kind.
Here are some of my favourite outfits he wore at this stage:-some borrowed, some brand new!