Simple Sunday 


Sometimes that’s what it is all about-keeping things simple. 
That’s what we did one, admittedly slightly hungover Sunday! i.e. Yesterday.. 

The day started with a pit stop at the cutest little coffee ‘drive through’ in Windy Arbour called Thru the Green. Check it out here:!untitled/cjg9


We picked up some much needed coffee and delicious sweet treats and headed to a nearby park I had spotted from the Luas on a number of occasions. 

A real playground find.. A lovely little spot with varied items for all ages. The slide on top of the tunnel which was under the hill {I know confusing} was defo Josh’s fav. So as we sat and sipped he played away coming away with cut knees but a big smile!

  Then it was the ultimate suburban Sunday activity, off to the local retail park to pick up a few bits and a new fridge freezer due to ours dying of death the day previously {nightmare I might add}. Whilst there with our hungover heads we made Josh’s first official visit to the big golden M {bad parenting I know} 😁🙈🍟. As we munched his happy meal he played with his new minion and then the highlight of the whole day came when dada bought him his first footy jersey. 

Rumble tumbling and painting with a big roast finished off the day and whilst not the most dynamic of days, it was perfect in every way!