5 months


Firstly I truly cannot believe our little monkey is approaching 6 months-I know it’s a cliche but quickest of my life!

As I write this I am in my bed with baby boy next door and I have reclaimed our bedroom back as he sleeps much more soundly in his big boy cot since 2 nights ago. More on that later…

This month has been a month of ups and downs but mostly ups..

I really felt towards the end of last month very overwhelmed by everything, tiredness, responsibility, daily routine, my new life, future decisions-the lot but with a few changes and firm plans put in place I have most certainly come out the other side thanks to my wonderful supportive hubby, friends, family and of course the joy of Josh!

I think this month started off a bit hairy due to a spout of grumpy Josh which is not common place. There had been a lot going on with helping his granny move and mummy feeling a little frazzled so I thought it might be that, then I put it down to the bananas I introduced into his diet.. We even ended up at the doctor one evening thinking it was an ear infection. However just yesterday a friend, yes a friend not his parents discovered a little tooth sprouting from his bottom gum so I think this was it! He is back to being his usual happy self-phew!

Having said that his little personality is certainly becoming more pronounced. He fake coughs to get attention and throws his head back when fighting sleep but his endless smiles and giggles balances this out tenfold!

We are well and truly into solids territory with him chomping though carrots, butternut and parsnip/apple homemade purées. He now also has a breakfast of baby porridge with some fruit. When I thought the banana had upset his little tummy I took him off solids for a couple of days to let things settle down and reintroduced him through Ella’s pouches. These 100% organic pouches are very handy if out and about, they keep for 2 days in the fridge and can be frozen too! In general though I stick to the homemade stuff. He loves the whole process of eating and I let him have the spoon at the end which I think is his favourite part!

As I mentioned above it was time to move him into his own room as he was rattling around in a borrowed crib and really had outgrown it so we bit the bullet and into his room he went-so far so good! He had recently fallen naturally into a good sleep pattern. Naps are usually 10,1 & 4 from about 30 mins to 1.5 hours. He goes down at 7, dream feeds at 12 which is a bottle and wakes for a breastfeed at around 5.30, usually going back down until 7ish. Ideally this 5.30 will drop off soon too. I had read all the books before having him thinking that the ‘plans’ sounded great but in reality just going with the flow and keeping some level of structure and routine to his day worked for us and eventually he found his own way.

The month of May is going to be a milestone month-his christening, he turns 6 months and we go on our first family holiday abroad-I can’t wait!