Pesky ‘Morning’ Sickness


Whoever called it morning sickness was having a good auld laugh.. I had a bit of nausea with Josh and I think I vomited a couple of times but this baby has brought sickness to a whole new level.

We only found out I waspregnant around 7 weeks so the sickness kicked straight in. It was just nausea at first that got a little worse as the weeks went on. My taste buds went flat and the only food that was truly appealing was toast, waffles and water. 

*My gourmet grazing, cut into 4! 🙈

It was tiring and difficult with staring my new job and trying to be a good mama to Josh but Ian was magic and got me to rest when I could and brought me toast at every request. I don’t know how I could have got through without him. He just took over. I went to work, I did things when I had a burst of energy but it general I was a bit of a non event. 

*below is me on the way home from work having just got sick beside a building site and sent this to my mum and Ian for a bit of sympathy 

As the pregnancy progressed the nausea turned to vomiting a few times a day. No fun in your work disabled toilet. With this also came a weakening of my bladder. The action when getting sick also made me need to go the toilet which added a tricky element to proceedings. It was all hormones and this, in once sense made me very happy knowing this baby was fighting so hard to stay in my tummy. 

I had stopped feeling sick around 11 weeks with Josh but as I approached 13 weeks and my first appointment with Domino I was still wretching a vomiting several times a day. My bland diet was also adding to my low energy levels. My guilt of not being there for Josh as much as I should was also starting to get me down.  My bloods and urine all came back ok but we decided to start taking a course of tablets to try and ease it. I had hit my limit of being sick on the street, in the supermarket and in random toilets! 

I am 5 days in to these expensive but low/no risk tablets and the vomitting has stopped but I still have the lingering joy of nausea although it’s not as constant as it was… 

As I approach the second trimester I am hoping that the sickness fades away, my energy returns and I can start to embrace this very happy and special time…