A week of firsts…. 💙💙


I got that Friday feeling big time this week… It’s been a week of lots of firsts and I’m both exhausted and elated. 

Just over a week ago Max’s 2 bottom teeth popped through, finally!!! We had a few weeks before that of horrendous sleep so the two new spikey additions were welcomed.

Next up was crawling, also would have played its part is the dreadful sleep… My husband had always thought he would start before crèche and I really hoped he would. Sure as can be after weeks of his own little manuvoures he got up on his knees but his little hand forward and he was flying it-delighted with himself! It was a lovely moment and cheered up a dreary Tuesday morning.

The very next day was the start of settle in week in creche. I felt all the emotions, it didn’t matter that this was my second time round I was equally upset. I put on his little outfit, took the obligatory pic and off we went. It didn’t go so well, the minute I stepped out of the room he completely lost it. More than anything is surprised me cause he’s such a sociable little chap but he is also a mamas boy and pretty clued in so I reckon he picked up on the vibes and was testing the water. The next day went a whole lot better and that was such a relief. Today was a mixed bag but with a cold picked up from his dada and a few other reasons I can pin point I am hoping on his return next week we might have a smoother run… 

In the midst of all this I can see my older boy getting so independent and grown up so I am a bag of emotions at the moment but I also want to burst with pride. I need cake, coffee and wine to assist with all these changes and I’ve been allowing myself plenty these last few days. Now work looms and I think I’m ‘kinda’ ready! 😬




It’s so easy to forget the firsts so while they somewhat still remain in my mind and as we tip towards the big 2, I thought I’d jot them down…

First Smile

You wait for this one with baited breath. Your exhausted and just when you think you can’t take any more sleep deprevation your little bundle beams at you and all is forgiven. It’s a hard one to pin point but I think it was around the 5/6 week marks and this is one of those early snaps when you almost blinded them from the volume of photos being taken.. 


  First Swim

We were nervous typical first time parents bringing Josh for his first swim after his second round of injections. I really wanted to introduce him early as myself and my husband are not great swimmers and didn’t want that to stop him. So glad we did as he just loves the water now. 


First Grub

I breast fed until Josh was 9 month with the odd formula bottle but he was a hungry baby so at 19 weeks-2 weeks after the recommended time we started Josh on solids. We began with baby rice but moved quick you to a first Ella’s kitchen porridge and homemade puréed fruits. We are blessed he is a great eater now and have always used the guidelines but introduced things when it felt right. It is a bit of a minefield at first and I was never a fan of all that puréeing but now he eats pretty much what we do and I love nothing more than to see him tucking into some of his favs {which will come up in a future post}


First Tooth

I actually wasn’t the first person to spot the little white edge pushing  through his gum. I had thought his grizzly spell was an aversion to bananas but turnout it was the first cut of his tootsies..His first teeth didn’t give too much bother but the later ones gave him a fair bit of pain and sleepless nights all round. 


First Swing

What can I say, he loved it and we haven’t looked back since…

First Crawl

This was a while coming but 3 days after his first birthday he mastered it and one day when I left him in his room to run in and get something in mine, I turned around and he was right behind me! 


First Steps

The big one.. Came on Friday 13th March. The day before a family trip to Cork then we forgot his shoes so did a detour to get a pair ensuring he could run around to his hearts content. This milestone brought tears of joy all round, we were as proud as punch!

First Words 

I just said to my husband the other day I cannot pinpoint when he first said mama/dada but the mumbling babble very quickly moved onto almost full blown conversations. At 19 months his speech is well developed, the girls in crèche can’t believe what he comes out with. The chatter and observation makes us laugh out loud on many an occasion!

One of the many things I love most about being a mum is seeing Josh reach these milestones and know we are the luckiest people in the world to get the opportunity to be there for many more!