Fitness during pregnancy 💪🏼


I stayed pretty fit during my pregnancy with Josh, I was very fit before I got pregnant with him so I adapted but kept up a regime of sorts. I ran until I was five months and generally kept active. 

This time is a little different, I wasn’t quite as fit going in to this pregnancy despite my efforts in between. I am also a lot more sleep deprived so energy is a lot lower. Pelvic floor a problem too. Having said that exercise makes me feel better so once I was over the wrist of the sickness I decided to try out a few options but to be honest there is not a lot of option around! I alder a personal trainer friend why this was and main reason being the risk and other being the market. 

This is me finishing my one and only race whilst pregnant with baby 2!

First up was aqua aerobics in my gym, a very soft workout but good to get the body using light movements. This is something I will continue every second Wednesday and it is so low impact I’ll be able to do it right up to d day.

Next up was Antenatal Pilates in Platnium Pilates. I had never done a reformer Pilates class so didn’t know what to expect but whilst this was only my first class and it was one of the warmer days, it was tough but good tough. I felt confident in the instructor and felt I was getting a really good workout that was being adapted for baby, bump and me. One I’ll be doing regularly until I can! 

I will also be starting a Yoga class weekly in July but more for the relaxation and stretching purposes..

Walking and running after Josh should keep me going in between 😉

One thing  post pregnancy I think is important is doing the right type of workout to get you back in shape but keeping mindful of the new limitations of your body in the early days. A friend of mine runs private tuition for post natal mums and even one or two sessions post baby I think would be really worthwhile to get your body strong before returning to your normal routine . 

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