Weekly Activities Take 2


We started Josh with football, rugby and swimming just after he was 2. He enjoyed them but his concentration was a bit erratic and he needed to warm up a bit for some of the activities. He found them fun them for sure and we liked getting out at the weekends with him to start off the day with an activity but looking back now I’m not sure he was fully ready for them. 

We signed back up recently to both football and swimming and I noticed a considerable increase in interest and engagement with both activities as well as ability.

Football is something for fun, it does teach them structure etc but he learns that in school and again he enjoyed it, was much more able for the tasks given but I think a 6 week stretch is probably enough for this before you change it up. I’d definitely go back at some point but it’s also nice to try other things.

Swimming on the other hand I feel is one of life’s skills. This time he was a lot more into it and followed instruction much better. Subtly this class teaches them safety in the water which is why we signed him up pre holiday the first time. This course however gave him more skill in the water and you can now see him taking steps towards solo swimming. At the moment Ian gets in with him but on the next course, which we hope to do Josh will be getting in wort arm bands and we will be his sideline cheerleaders! 

I’d like to go back to Rugby Tots now and give that a try, maybe look at music or even drama when he’s a little older. If the opportunity is there I think it’s great to try it all and see what emerges as their favourite. My only bit of advise is probably wait until closer to 3 to start as both you and they will get more out of it! 


Little Kickers ⚽️


Yesterday Josh started Little Kickers. It was Ian’s dream to bring his little boy to football and his dream came true. 


You can only start Little Kickers in our local class when you are 2 so we signed straight up.

I wasn’t sure how Josh would take to it as sometimes he can be clingy at these playgroup type things. I left him and dad to it and he got on great. 

It starts with a warm up and then into ‘drills’ focusing on colours and interaction. There is then goal scoring at the end and a sharing game so a perfect balance for 45 minutes of fun! The leaders are lovely and enthusiastic and keep it all ticking along at a good pace. 

A lovely weekend activity that we will look forward to every week.. The new Little Kickers strip was worn proudly for the rest of the day!


Check out more details here: Little Kickers Info