This scary world we live in.. 


Last night horrendous atrocities took place in beautiful Paris and unfolded across the world in the form of social media.

The world has changed in recent years with this new wave of terrorism, feeling at a distance but then targeting a city so close to home, so familiar it becomes your reality. 

We travel to the States this week, my husband tomorrow and I follow next week. We leave our beloved son at home with ‘ga ga’ for a few days in a great city, some much needed mama/dada time. The first time we left him, I did morbidly think about his future if something were to happen to both his parents but now with this upcoming trip and recent events it is at the forefront of my mind. It may sound dramatic but it is something we will mention to my mum before we leave and I hate that we live in a world that we even feel that this is something we need to do. 

Josh grows up in a world that is filled with both opportunity but with this darkened undertone, that will be part of his future and something that I hope does not but will most probably become quite ‘normal’ to him. I saw a wonderful quote in these recent days by Fred Rogers and  as we move forward it is all we can try to teach him..