Sugar Sugar Sugar


We are by no means a complete no sugar household but I have definitely become more aware of sugar content as Josh’s requests for ‘treats’ become more frequent.

Once I have that gauge of approx. 4g of sugar per teaspoon I work out the ‘badness’ from that. I think I have mentioned before that I love baking and now in turn Josh loves ‘making’. This is turning into a weekly activity so with most things we bake there is sugar but for some reason I can justify this in my head more than chocolate. I like that he sees the process of making something and getting the tasty result at the end. We do speak about sugar being bad for his teeth but in it goes regardless!

 However I it can be tricker to judge sugar on some products. When Glenisk sent me their new products they highlighted the fact we should all be watching out for. 


In the course of developing the new Bio Live Reduced Sugar range, Glenisk uncovered persistent confusion among consumers regarding the role of sugar in the diet and, crucially, the difference between naturally occurring milk and fruit sugars.

“We are sometimes asked if we can produce a ‘sugar-free’ yogurt, but as both milk and fruit contain naturally occurring sugars, that is not possible”, said Vincent. “What we focus on instead is ensuring firstly that we have a good range of no added sugar yogurts – and dramatically reducing the added sugar in those that do. We never use artificial sweeteners and we never will.”


So whilst you may see x grams of sugar on the list it is where the sugars are coming for that is key. Here is an interesting video to explain more

Orla Walsh is a super nutritionist that I follow on all the social media platform too and she put up this handy info graphic recently too explaninf about ‘added sugars’ which are the devils to watch out for.


Glenisk Promo Pack


We are right in the midst of the six nations and we were lucky enough to to recieve a lovely pack from Glenisk. 

Glenisk is a brand we regularly use in our house, Josh has made his yoghurt journey through their baby and kid options. 

Thier new range are high in protein which is a real ‘buzz word’ at the moment so a great one to have in the fridge for snacks, adding to smoothies or as a side to fruit or savoury dish.

Glenisk is now the Official Yogurt of Irish Rugby, providing yogurt to both the National Men’s and Women’s teams. Our IRFU partnership is featured on our new Glenisk’s Authentically Strained Fat Free Greek Yogurt. Free from artificial ingredients, the yogurt comes in 9 delicious flavours and contains double the protein – great nutrition for busy days, fuelling workouts and helping recovery after exercise.

I’m not a huge yoghurt fan and unfortunately the fruit flavours were high in sugar so not suitable for Josh but I think for the health concious it a great post work out snack and the natural flavour is a great addition to nutribullet smoothies too for that extra protein kick!

And if nothing else this ad is pretty funny 😂🇮🇪 #eatlikethem 

Shane Horgan Schoolyard Vid
Check out Glenisk’s social media for some great giveaways..