So long January..Hello Spring!


January is a strange month, start of the year, new hopes and goals.. For us it was never going to be a straight run after all that had happened over Christmas so we decided to use the month to adjust, start implementing new plans and begin to get our life back on track. Are we there yet, not quite and will remain to be seen but we are making in roads and that, at least is a good thing. 
I looked at some of our goals last night, some ticked off the list, some not but coming out of January I feel pretty happy with where our family is headed.

The biggest thing to happen was I am changing jobs. Eek It’s been a long time coming and whilst I really love the people I work with and they have been great an opportunity arose that I couldn’t turn down. That opportunity was balance. By some small miracle a position came up in a very reputable company for a job share role. It wasn’t something I could turn down, the process had been happening for a while and all came together mid January. It brings back the balance our family so badly craves. It gives me an opportunity to work and focus on where this blog can go but I still get my independence and a good routine for our family. I am very lucky I know but I think life brings you clangers but eventually you get a break and we are grabbing it with two hands. 


So February is the start of spring, hope and brighter days. Our health regime is kicking in and the final spring clear out will be complete. We have a few nice plans with friends, I am off to London and a bit of romance with the Hallmark holiday that is Valentine’s Day-we need it after everything so a bottle of bubbles will be popped and our future toasted to good times ahead. 

Josh’s social calander is filling up too with some plans:

We have him booked for another splatter day with Messy Monkeys, the first week in February. We are booking him in for a Rugby Tots trial the following week. Then later in the month we want to start him in swimming lessons ahead of our summer holiday in May-he’s getting a bit brave for my liking! We love weekend activities with him and I also am looking forward to getting back to the farm and some park play dates now hopefully the weather will start to get better!

I am starting to get excited about what I can start to do with the blog, new regular posts like dinner ideas, easy outfits that I hope will be well received. The future is bright and I am excited for what now lies ahead!



My Fuitile Fitness Regime ðŸ’ªðŸ¼ðŸ˜•


Since starting back in an office environment I have steadily seen the pounds creep on. In 6 months I’ve gained half a stone so it was time to stop that in its tracks.

I worked hard to be fit and healthy pre Josh and had lost the bulk of my baby weight bar a few pounds so creeping back up has affected my confidence and motivation. 

I eat well and exercise regularly but snacking definitely played more of a part and being primarily sedentary from 8-4 daily wasn’t helping. It was juices for brekkie, salads for lunch and careful eating in the evening. I was working out 3-4 times a week but still was slowly creeping up or at least not seeing any loss. I felt sluggish so it was time to take action.

I have  just finished a bootcamp course which I really enjoyed with Fitsquad . I always thought bootcamp were for two extremes-really unfit people or seargent majors (I am neither, thankfully). I was wrong, well certainly about this class. I found the instructors really engaged and whilst they changed weekly I found this good for mixing it up. They focused on technique too which is important. I will be re signing up! 

I also do a weekly PT class with a guy from my old gym, this is good for focusing on weights and we keep it short and snappy which I like.

Finally I do a weekly/bi weekly lunch run with some of my work crew which is hard but I really enjoy it. I keep it under 5k but feel it getting easier all the time unless the heat takes its toll on a balmy day!

Food wise I knew something had to change so after one big weekend of indulgence for our anniversary it was time to sign up to something to kick start a healthy regime. 

I signed up to the 3 day High Protien Plan from Urban Health. 

With my husband away the same week I did this I found it great. Easy, fast and good for you-winner! I really liked the breakfast protein smoothie and the salads were great. Some of the juices weren’t to my taste and I’d probably have more varied salads if I was to do it again but before my next holiday I think I will sign up again if I see it made a difference over the coming days. I found the protein really filled me and it’s a great few day cleanse, with food which I found great as just drinking juice doesn’t do it for me.. 

I have also had super advise from a nutritionist pal of mine so with this along with my recent adjustments o hope to lose those few extra pounds, gain the motivation back and get bikini ready for our holiday to Italy in a few weeks time!