Eating spots around Holles St


I’ve noticed a few new eating spots popping up around Holles St in the last few weeks so for mummies to be I thought I’d round up a few of the top ones for you if you don’t fancy the delightful hospital food and you are in for a few days or you are on visits/scans to the hospital! 

Around a while:

3fe-just behind the hospital and great for a coffee fix for tired dada’s! 

Juniors-superb sambos, a few mins further down the road but worth the trip

Foodgame-yummy lunch and sweet treats and just around the corner from Juniors for a complete foody feast

*photo thanks to Foodgame 

Staple Foods-around the corner from Holles St and great salad options for healthy mamas

Mamma Mia-beside Staple Foods if Italian is your thing 

Newbies on the Block: 

Sprout-just like staple foods, this one for the healthy mamas but with lots of flavour and great grub for energy levels.

Lolly and Cooks-I don’t know how big the offering is for the Holles St branch but they are well known for their bakes so if you fancy something yummy with your cuppa, this is the place to go!

*pic thanks to Lolly & Cooks 


Weeks 0-2-A scarily wonderful time


So you have a baby, yes the labour is a ‘pain’ quite literally but no one really tells you about the after PAIN! I had a ‘easy’ labour, he came very fast so it was full on and intense but both of us came away happy and healthy and that’s the main thing. Well mummy got what they called a ‘graze’-a ‘graze’ this felt, well I won’t even describe what this felt like but toilets, general walking and sneezing were not my friend for a number of weeks..
I was on what can only be described as the wonderful Domino Scheme with the Holles St Community Midwives so was home within a few hours of having baby boy. All seemed great, tucked up in my own bed until the first night fear set in. Baby boy was happy out getting used to his surrounds, sleeping contently. Mummy & Daddy not so much. I have never clock watched so much, willing the ‘safety’ of the morning to come. However the first night past and we moved to the next day, learning as we went. 2 weeks goes by very quickly in a haze of getting to grips with feeding {more on that in the next post}, introducing your new arrival to your nearest and dearest and getting used to life as a mummy…

{Some Advice}:
•Make your own bedroom super comfy & nice, you spend a lot of time there.
•Sleep at every opportunity even when the adrenaline doesn’t allow for it.
•Don’t walk too far.
•Keep visitors to a minimum.
•Stock up on everything you will need before hand.
•Don’t listen to advice, you need to find your own way.
•Be kind to yourself, you are doing great.
•Take each day as it comes.

My highs:
•Joshua-all about him and falling so in love with him
•Introducing him to Granny in the hospital
•Dancing in his room with him
•A drink with Daddy to celebrate his arrival.

My lows:
•Getting to grips with feeding
•Beating myself up over unnecessary things.

Enjoy this time, the newborn leaves your world very quickly!