Review-Dan & Monstro Sauces 


My mum was doing her weekly shop in Supervalu when she came upon Mari the creator and owner of Dan & Monstro sauces. When my ‘very proud mum’ explained I wrote a blog Mari kindly offered to deliver some sauces to me for Josh.

As it turned out she was at the Airfield food festival so we got to taste and pick up some sauces there! Whilst she said most kids were drawn to the multi use pasta sauce Josh loved the chicken curry!

We brought home the sauces and the very next day I froze half the sauce and with the other half I made 4 portions of chicken curry for weekend dinners. The pasta sauce is next up for the batch cook.


I love the idea of the sauces for so many reasons. I love to see new businesses, people passionate about what the do and an Irish brand. I also love the fact that the sauces are filled with goodness and these days it can be tricky to get the good stuff into Josh. The final reason I love them is they make my life nice and easy and that is always welcome 😉

They are available from Supervalu stores nationwide now!