Back to School Part 2


Well with almost a full week is behind us albeit shorter hours with a full proper week next week.

I’ve had to do lunches for Max since he started in his new playschool late August and now Josh has had snacks this week with lunches starting next week. I haven’t had to think of this before with them being in creche so lunchbox packing is all new to me! I am going to try and do a list at the start of the week so there isn’t a rush in the morning or a race for bread the night before. If I find the work of doing that outweighs the good of being organised I’ll just dump the idea, as I sad learning as I go..

I am now regularly on the hunt for good healthy snacks to accompany the standard sandwich.

The general idea is:

    Sambo/Wrap/Bagel 🥪
  • 1/2 pieces of fruit 🍎
  • Savoury snack-*treat on a Friday 🥨
  • Yoghurt/Pouch for Josh as he is not allowed yoghurts in school {due to mess/opening I think-as I got asked about this a lot the other day when I popped it up} 🍶

It seems so boring to me but I am told this is standard fare and I suppose you just want them to eat well and as nutritiously as possible.

One other thing I’ve noticed is certainly for Josh they only seem to have a very set time they get to eat so not over loading the lunchbox is key too.

I’ll be popping up my lunchboxes sporadically over the next little while as when I reached out for any tips it seemed that many others were looking for some too. Any inspiration is good I reckon even if it is a sandwich cut to a shape you hadn’t thought of before!

Various sambos of what they will eat I can do, yogurt and fruit is good as well but come up with an extra snack or two is something of my mission at the moment.

Kelkin had sent me info about their back to school snack range a couple of weeks ago and we are already a fan of their snack pack rice cakes when out and about as a treat. Today they then sent me some of their products and these were definitely the ones that caught our eye. The rice cake bar went down well so will be handy for ‘Treat Friday’

I popped these up on my stories during week as Josh isn’t allowed standard yoghurts {explained above} so I thought these would be very handy.

I do plan on baking little snacks/treats and these went down well. I used a standard banana bread recipe and divided into little buns.

These are my first couple of attempts so over the next few weeks/years hopefully I will become a pro!