Nappies are one of the things that you can guarantee are used a LOT with the lovely babies. Those first poops are interesting and then come the solids and teething poops and it just gets more fun!!!!

Best thing we did was stock up on nappies before Josh was born and only recently someone asked me how many we went through a month and due to a handy app I had used I looked back and realised in those early days that it was between 260-280 per month.

Now it is more like 180 but that is still a lot of nappy changing. We started with pampers due to recommendations and found the blue line very helpful on the newborn ones to show when they were wet as you are a bit of an amateur those first few weeks until you become a nappy pro! However as the weeks went by and the nappies got more ‘interesting’ we found that they leaked a lot and there were quite a few vests being dumped, never to be salvaged so we looked around..

It was then we converted to Lidl Toujours Dry Lock and never looked back. He was at stage 2 when we did this. We had used the regular Lidl nappies a little before this but didn’t find them great. The Toujours are super as they are very thin which is good for the nappy bag, lightweight, keep Josh dry with no fear of nappy rash and almost no leaks. The brucie bonus is that they are cheaper too!

I was then caught off guard a few weeks ago with no nappies in the bag but happened to be outside an aldi so in I popped. Very good value but I found them thick, ill fitting and not as absorbent as others we had used.

You can get great deals on the big brand at regular baby events in the major supermarkets but for us Toujours it is…

Here is a handy newsletter about them too:


The World of Socks


Having a little boy.. He wears a lot of socks. Of course the socks have to match the outfit so we have a ton of them. A good mummy friend sent me loads of socks when he was born and to this day they are a much used gift! Recently both Aldi & Lidl had Baby Events on so I picked up pairs at both retailers. Here’s what I thought:

Aldi: €1.99 for 5
A range of colours in blues, greys and reds-stripes & stars. A normal thickness but a nice soft cotton for little feet. These were a great buy. Lovely range and they stayed on his feet through all his kicking. Super price and super buy. Pick up some if you see them still in store. They come in a lovely girl and neutral version too.

Lidl: €1.99 for pack of 2.
Lovely bright colours with nice thickness and grippy soles. However these socks would not stay on his little feet and left lots of fluff between his toes. They are now at the bottom of the pile. Good value and looked promising but not a sock fav in this house.