Love for 2


We are now a family of 4, 2 boys to love and bring us joy-how lucky are we. My first boy turns 3 tomorrow, my first love.

I always knew I wanted more than one child, being an only child I wanted Josh to have siblings. We feel blessed to be able to have brought Max into the world. 

I didn’t know how I’d feel about a second child, you will have read I felt guilt and sadness at saying goodbye to the special 3 years we had with Josh and wondered how I could love another mini human like I love Josh. I suspected you would probably love all your children but the love that came I was not anticipating. 

When Josh arrived, almost 3 years ago to the day, of course I loved him but it was a love that grew and was new and I had to understand. As the weeks and months went by and I got to know Josh and our new way of life the love grew more intensely and didn’t stop.

When Max arrived however the love was instant, I recognised this love and fell deeply. Having 2 days with him in hospital, in our little bubble was a time I will always remember. 

We then came home and we had two to love, both equally but just differently at first. Josh’s love was a familiar, slippers and pipe type of love. I’m proud of him everyday and whilst he is great with Max he has definitely been challenging us in recent weeks so lucky we love him as much as we do 😉 Max’s love is all squeaky and new, falling more deeply every day. I’ve felt guilty at times feeling differently towards them-equal but different but maybe that is normal. We are finding our new routine at the moment and I know it will all level out. Right now I just feel lucky to have 2 boys to love, 2 boys who love me and grow that love and admiration for them every single day. 

Tomorrow my Josh turns 3-he has made the last 3 years very special and now we continue our journey with Max in tow and the future seems exciting!

So for mums about to have two, yes it’s daunting but it’s pretty wonderful too! 



Our days are numbered…


Last night I did something I never really do.. Josh came into our bed. He wasn’t settling which is unusual these days and unless he is sick I usually repel his demands but last night was different.

Last night, just for 20 minutes before we both went to 💤 land he cuddled in beside me and we talked about his baby brother coming soon. I felt an overwhelming emotion, this was it, only a few short weeks of me and my first little buddy.

As he dozed off the tears flooded in as I rubbed his little head, held those little fingers, so precious that I’ve come to love more than was even imaginable over the last almost 3 years. It’s like he knew too, he knows what’s coming but I think we also both know a lot is going to change so while we still have these moments together, I’m going to cherish them. I do also know that the love and joy is about to double, alongside seeing mytwo precious    boys grow together will be a feeling like no other!

It’s almost time to close the chapter on one phase of our lives, our first born but with a huge chunk of emotion I’m excited about the next chapter ahead. 

Influenced by tv shows-Opening your heart to parenthood!


I clearly watch way too much tv… I think a previous post I wrote was also influenced by one of my much loved guilty tv pleasures. This time it was Greys Anatomy. It was a particular scene where one of the characters who didn’t have kids minded her ‘long lost’ sisters kids and had a fun and busy day. In the final scene she wearily told the mum of 3 ‘she didn’t know how she did it’.. But she didn’t mean the exhaustion she meant the extreme love you feel for your kids or she could imagine you would. 

It’s true.. opening your heart to parenthood is like love you can’t imagine. It grows and then grows some more.. It’s an incredible feeling that I feel so thankful to have. But it’s scary too. Your worry and sometimes fear for them can also reach all time high. They are your most precious commodity and you would do anything to protect them. Their love for you is something special too and then the love it brings to your family is another magic element to the whole affair. 

And then you have another.. Or another in my belly in my case and your love doubles, triples, quadruples or however many you decide to have. That scares me but I wouldn’t change it for the world and feel lucky, just very very lucky. 

This type of love changes you as a person and primarily for the better, it’s a selfless love, it’s a reflective love with no boundaries and let’s face it that’s the best kind. 

Valentines Ideas for Kids 



With Valentine’s Day tomorrow it was only right that this post be all about LOVE ❤️. 

Valentine’s Day is traditionally about expressing your love to your partner {this is in the plans too} but today I am going to express my love for my boy, as if you might not have guessed already!

 There really is no other love like the love you have for your child and subsequently the family you have created. In the ‘movies’ you are shown this rush of instant love and I think that can put a lot of pressure on first time mums. For me, of course I instantly loved him but not in that huge gushy rushy way. My love grew for him steadily and as we got to know each other over the following months and now hitting 28 months the love grew, I can safely say that it is still building and just when I think I can’t love any more I do. Does he test my patience, yes, does he tire me out, yes but he and our family unit gives me joy like no other. I do tell him I love him a lot, some believe you don’t need to say it to feel it and this is very true but it is almost a sign off now, just like a bye-bye or night-night and that works for us and let’s face it when he says it back it is just the best feeling in the world.

 I like to mark occasions as you might have guessed and adapt them to Josh’s age and engagement levels so here are a few ideas which include some of what we will be doing this weekend:

Go and visit ‘St Valentine’ in Whitefriar St Church
Bake some heart shaped cookies and let them cut out/decorate as they wish or choose to keep them simple. 


Make cards or do coluring with one of my favourite go to tools:
Valentine’s Activities
And if you have it read this special book, just to remind them once more just how much you love them.