Parenting through Food


I read a recent quote from a nutritionist I much admire, Orla Walsh about how we tend to reward children with food these days and I have to say I winced, I am completely guilty of that at time or using it as a keeping them entertained too. Hashtag-bad mama Hashtag-tell me a person who doesn’t from time to time. BUT based on my last post and small goals-the boys eating better is on the longer list but very important for many a reason. Max eats pretty ok but I am convinced since his first taste of sugar on his first birthday his palate has altered and I am no sugar nazi but his reach for the bold things and his refusal for items he would have eaten with glee has wained. Josh is a really poor eater, oh how I would love for him to dip some houmous, eat parma ham, veggie based muffins but nope fish fingers are his gig. I really try to stick to 3 good meals a day and breakfast usually starts well but depending on the day lunch can be affected and dinner is usually something they will eat and I feel I can pass as nutritious. More time dedicated to meal times I think is important. We don’t eat with the boys but focusing on the time they do making it an event as opposed to a passing activity is something I really want to focus on.

You will see recent and upcoming posts about snacks and a new range of chilled food in Aldi and to me to highlight this was a no brainer and I already almost always have a pack of rice cakes, their biscotti and a fruit pouch or two in my bag as a quick go to for snacks on the run. I am a big fan of their Mamia range of chilled food produced by Pip & Pear so I am looking forward to trying the new Goodness range. I try and get the boys eating what we eat but it is handy to have good prepared dishes in the fridge for a busy weekend day and when Josh is insisting that pasta or fish fingers are the only thing he will eat and I don’t have the battle quite in me! Some days it’s about the easy left eh and knowing they are not eating rubbish helps too…

An update since I wrote this post later last week is Josh’s visit to the dentist, we’ve had some very unfortunate and worrying news about his teeth but that’s a whole other post and a whole new outlook and learning…


Nesting helped by Aldi!


      Nesting is in full flow in our house at the moment. I’m not that fast on my feet these days but slowly but surely with the help of hubby and family we are getting there.

      I am purchasing the last few bits and just when I thiught I was nearly there, this popped into my inbox-Aldi’s Baby and Toddler Event-happening this Thursday. I have written about these before because there are always items that tempt me. This time between Josh and the new baby there are quite a few. See below and get there early, the good ones always sell out fast!


      Price: 3.99-2 pack

      Price: 7.49-3 pack

      Price: 3.49-3 pack

      Price: 1.99-5 pack

      Price: 3.99 each

      Price: 14.99 each

      Price: 1.99 for travel pack of 4

      We already have one of these but handy to have one in each car for inevitable Irish rain showers!

      Price: 12.99 each 

      Josh is a big fan of fruit pouches for a treat-I’ll be stocking up on these at this great price! 

      Price: 2.99-5 pack


      We already have this but was a great buy so well worth making the trip of you need this style of buggy.
      Price: 44.99 each 
      Their whole range is expanding from toddler wipes to fabric softener so will be great to have those to hand as I always pick up a few bits in Aldi for my weekly shop. 

      Ready, steady-run to Aldi! You can check out more products and prices at Aldi Baby and Toddler Event