Coffees with Kids ☕️


I became a coffee addict when my second son was born… I also probably bored you all with images of coffees throughout my mat leave on instagram too! 

I went in search weekly for a good cup of coffee that would keep me going on tireder days but there were other factors I considered when coming up with my list below… 

SPACE-this isn’t a deal breaker for me based on another factor below but it definitely helps if there is space for the 2 boys, a buggy and the usual bag or two of ‘bits’

COFFEE-it can have all the space in the world but a lot of the ‘chains’ have space but awful coffee. 

FRIENDLINESS-for me when I potentially walk in with a buggy and another child in tow, even to a small establishment being instantly put at ease is a win for me. 

CHANGING FACILITIES-this can be a bit of an ask on some of the smaller independent coffee spots and it’s certainly not a deal breaker but it’s definitely an added bonus.

So with all the above in mind and not wanting to be subjected to bland/crap tasting coffee just because I’m a mummy and not a 20 something hipster here are a few of our fav spots….Oh and a good babychino for the toddler helps too 😂

Two Pups, Francis St-Fab coffee and cakes, a tiny little place but instantly given a warm welcome when I arrived in with two in tow!

Network, Aungier St-A very cool little spot with great coffee and drool worthy sambos, despite its size again you are put at ease with friendly staff.

Two Boys Brew, Phibsbourgh-This was a bit of a trek for us but visited on a day out and it was well worth it, a lovely space, great coffee and really helpful staff.

Fia, Rathgar Road-A divine little spot that I almost like to keep for solo visits and a blissful brunch but couldn’t be nicer when you visit with baby in tow.

Foam, Terenure-A move away from the usual 3fe coffee here but still a delicious cuppa and on a busy morning we were welcomed and accommodated for a quick cup of coffee which was greatly welcomed.

Foodgame, Ringsend-Another spot that’s small and welcoming and their brownies and mars bar krispies are the best around so this is definitely the place to come for a sugar hit with delicious Ariosa coffee too.

Pot Bellied Pig, Rathmines-A very chic little spot but they didn’t stop the guy reading my mind and bringing me a freshly baked brownie with a large cappuccino on a day it was badly needed so this place had to make the list!

Mayfield, Terenure-A local spot with a very inclusive feel, they are used to customers with kids and you feel that when you walk in. A scone and a milky coffee here will set you up for the day!

Square One, Sandyford-I found this spot as it’s right behind my nearest Aldi and I’m so glad a I did, I soon became a regular. The space is great, big and bright. Handy changing facilities and really good coffee that comes in 2 sizes-large for me most days! The staff are really friendly too which makes it a winner all round.

3 of the chain type coffee spots that are by ‘go to’

Marks & Spencer-this is usually a convenience factor but I’m not going to like their Almond Crossaints and a Flat White is hard to beat! 

Cafe Nero-of the chain coffee shops I probably find this the best one, the coffee is the best of a bad lot and pastries always look appetising. It feels like a comfier, cleaner space than most. 

Butlers Cafe-I genuinely like their coffee, it’s on the stronger side and who can resist the free chocolate too. 

I hope some of these make your list for the week ahead as I know a cofeee or two is what gets me through… Happy Monday! 


2nd Baby Buys


This is a post I  hoped to get up pre Max but he decided to arrive a little early but I thought it might be a handy one for second time mums.. As you will know, I knew I was expecting another boy so with that I got a lot of ‘oh that’s handy, you won’t need to buy much’ Well that didn’t stop me!

Firstly I didn’t know Josh was a boy so none of the early stuff is very ‘boyish’-cue buying new cute babygrows. Plus looking at Josh’s now, they all looked a bit tired. 

*very handy popper guide! 

*the obligatory going home outfit-Hat H&M, Cardi Zara & Babygrow Jo Jo Maman Bebe

Secondly, there were things we didn’t have the first time that I knew would be useful for second time-video monitor, bottle warmer are examples. I am exclusivily breastfeeding for now but plan to introduce a bottle like I did with Josh in a few weeks. Most of these items were bought in Mothercare in the sale. 

Thirdly, you can not control the nesting feeling that comes and new baby deserves a few new things too!
Here are some of my favourites and handy purchases I made. 

This cushion completed Max’s room and I just love it! I got it in Marks & Spencer with their very handy deliver to store service. 

I couldn’t resist this star set after re spraying the Tripp Trap!

I’ve always loved these muslins so this was an early purchase and put away until baby boy was born and they are a great size. A really lovely gift! I got mine from Cherish Me which is a fab baby boutique in Dublin. 

Happy Shopping!