New Vaccine Schedule


As of October 2016 there has been a new vaccine schedule introduced for new babies. The BCG is gone and there have been a few additions.

Max got his first lot on the day he turned 2 months old. Rather than recommend giving them paracetamol they insist on it as reactions are much more likely now. It is advised that you give it every 4-6 hours over 24/48 hour period. 

The poor little thing got 3 injections and 2 oral liquids {one being calpol} at the time of the jab. He squealed as expected but I fed him instantly at that relaxed him somewhat. 

Most of that day he slept a little more than usual but he wasn’t too out of sorts. It was later that evening I realised he was getting warmed. Luckily we had our nifty new thermometer so sure enough his temp had started to rise. I had been giving calpol as advised but with time for another dose I hoped the temp would come down. It didn’t reduce by much so I began to worry a little. I knew in my gut he was ok as he was feeding fine and was pretty alert but I also knew that high temperatures in little babies ain’t good. We were also very lucky that I have both an midwife and gp pal as it was out of hours so we called on their expertise. Going much higher and we would have to head for hospital but for now it was strip him down and monitor-needless to say I didn’t get a wink of sleep that night.

They next day brought a reduced temp but a massive vommit and no poos. By the end of that day he was off the pain relief, more alert and we had some poo explosions which we were more than happy to change on this occasion. 

Not long until the 4 month ones now but at least I know a little more what to expect… For more information see the link below.
*please note I am in no way medically trained so any suggestions or advice above is what was recommended to me but always check with your doctor.