What we’ve been up to…


It’s been a while since I’ve tapped down our escapades… Josh is 13 months today so I will no longer be reflecting on his milestones monthly but certainly filling you in when he surprises us with his next trick! Since his birthday, it has been such a busy, fun time so lots to fill you in on.

We’ve been to several first birthday parties which was lovely. Josh started crawling-yay! We watched the toy show with delight and went to a french class too.

Josh had begun pulling himself up in his cot at about 11.5 months, literally straight after I raised concern with my public health nurse. It was then 3 days after his first birthday we were in our room, he was in his and next thing he appeared beside us-he’s been flying around ever since! It’s certainly busier, racing around after him but I love seeing him having his own independence-he loves exploring and pulling things out of cupboards, boxes etc-see below!

We also went to a great sample french class/sing along for babies called Mimis, it was really lovely and I think in the new year we will sign up as it’s something different. You basically have a singalong with props but all based in French. I have no doubt that it must all seep into their little brains. See details below.

We are most certainly in the throw of Christmas perpetration. We began with a weekend of the toy show which Josh danced to the next day and then we went on a reindeer run Santa saunter the same weekend. I really cannot wait for it this year.. A little fearful of him using the tree as another thing to pull himself up on but he loves all the lights and is well sussed on the pressies so it should be a lot of fun. We are visiting Santa this weekend so another post on that soon!