Pregnancy Update: 14 weeks 


I am going to do updates every 4 weeks until due date with some sub topics dotted in between… 

As you will see below my vomitting has subsided but nausea still plays its part in daily life. I am definitely coming out the other side based on my last morning sickness post but I’m not quite out of the woods yet!

I was bouncing around at this stage with Josh, with first trimester symptoms disappeared and that second trimester energy had kicked in. However despite this being a different pregnancy I do think number 2 is going to be trickier, your body is tireder and you have a toddler to contend with too.

I am back eating better which I am enjoying as I do love my grub so will write a bit more about what I eat as I go through the pregnancy. I feel I don’t look amazing and I’m going through that ‘fat phase’ so I’ve booked in for a massage and nail paint on Friday ahead of the bank holiday to hopefully perk myself back up and my back has been pretty sore so hopefully that will relieve it a bit! 

Hopefully by the next update I won’t be quite as moany as I was only saying to my husband the other night how much I enjoy being pregnant, even despite all this yucky stuff and feel so lucky and excited to have number 2 on the way. 

See below for some more of my week 14 updates. 

How far along?
14 weeks 

Total weight gain? I had put on a few pounds after Christmas and never got down to pre Josh weight by a few pounds. So far this pregnancy I think about 5-6lb gain 

Maternity clothes? Not yet but I’m window shopping! However I think I’ll be in my maternity jeans sooner on this baby than with Josh. I was 21 weeks with Josh. 

Stretch marks? No, didn’t really get any with Josh either. Just 2 small ones on my side so lashing lots of oil on. 

Sleep? Ok, Josh is still not the most wonderfully consistent sleeper but Ian is taking the lions share of that at the moment. I still wake a couple of times and if I feel sick it takes me a while to get back to sleep. Ian has been great with giving me the lie ins and my mum has been great at taking Josh on a couple of overnights too. 

Best moment this week: Getting some of my appetite back and feeling somewhat normal on Tuesday being out and about! 

Miss anything? Me! I can’t wait to feel a little more energised and nausea to go completely. 

Food cravings? White toast usually does the job. I still have quite a few food aversions but they are slowly coming back.   

Anything making you queasy or sick? Anything and everything. Still can’t do Josh’s bad nappies  so along with everything else Ian is taking the lead on this one at the mo. 

Gender? No idea but a lot of people are saying a girl as the pregnancy so far as been so different to Josh. 

Labour signs? No!

Symptoms? Low energy, nausea (vomitting has pretty much stopped), congested skin

Belly button in or out? In! But starting to peek out. 

Wedding rings on or off?  On. Never came off with Josh. 

Happy or moody? Happy most of the time and so happy to be pregnant but can get moody with the relentlessness of this nausea. 

Looking forward to: Our holiday in 3.5 weeks! 

*I look so grey I thought I would add to it with this filter 😝


Pesky ‘Morning’ Sickness


Whoever called it morning sickness was having a good auld laugh.. I had a bit of nausea with Josh and I think I vomited a couple of times but this baby has brought sickness to a whole new level.

We only found out I waspregnant around 7 weeks so the sickness kicked straight in. It was just nausea at first that got a little worse as the weeks went on. My taste buds went flat and the only food that was truly appealing was toast, waffles and water. 

*My gourmet grazing, cut into 4! 🙈

It was tiring and difficult with staring my new job and trying to be a good mama to Josh but Ian was magic and got me to rest when I could and brought me toast at every request. I don’t know how I could have got through without him. He just took over. I went to work, I did things when I had a burst of energy but it general I was a bit of a non event. 

*below is me on the way home from work having just got sick beside a building site and sent this to my mum and Ian for a bit of sympathy 

As the pregnancy progressed the nausea turned to vomiting a few times a day. No fun in your work disabled toilet. With this also came a weakening of my bladder. The action when getting sick also made me need to go the toilet which added a tricky element to proceedings. It was all hormones and this, in once sense made me very happy knowing this baby was fighting so hard to stay in my tummy. 

I had stopped feeling sick around 11 weeks with Josh but as I approached 13 weeks and my first appointment with Domino I was still wretching a vomiting several times a day. My bland diet was also adding to my low energy levels. My guilt of not being there for Josh as much as I should was also starting to get me down.  My bloods and urine all came back ok but we decided to start taking a course of tablets to try and ease it. I had hit my limit of being sick on the street, in the supermarket and in random toilets! 

I am 5 days in to these expensive but low/no risk tablets and the vomitting has stopped but I still have the lingering joy of nausea although it’s not as constant as it was… 

As I approach the second trimester I am hoping that the sickness fades away, my energy returns and I can start to embrace this very happy and special time…