Reason for blogging?!?


I sometimes wonder where this blog is going or what the reason for it all is.. it started as a private diary and now it is published for all to see. I sometimes think, is it just a way of me ‘oversharing’ my boys through my social media channels or can it be put to good use and can I grow it into the future, I certainly hope the latter and have plans in place to try and do that a little more. 

However I do get contacted by my followers on occasion for advice or get encouraging words posted and this makes it feel all worth while. This exact thing happened recently.. I have written a few posts about breastfeeding and my journey to date however just the other day I got contacted by a follower asking for my advice.. She has been struggling for a number of reasons in feeding her 6 week old and asked my opinion. I am no expert but I tried to give an informed answer and honest opinion in return. In summary, I felt that it was important for me to encourage her to keep feeding if she could find the right support but she felt like a ‘bad mum’ because she currently had to top up with formula. She felt ashamed and uncomfortable feeding her child in public with a bottle and this can also be the case for breastfeeding mums too. This made me both sad and angry. Society, social media and lack of support and information were making her feel that way. My breastfeeding journey on both boys has not been painless but has certainly been relatively straightforward however for many this is not the case. One thing I firmly believe is a happy mum is a happy baby and you need to do what feels right for you and your child. I have a introduced a bottle to both boys from 4 weeks to give us all a bit of flexibility and Max has one bottle most days as his evening feed. I really felt I needed to share this message. I wanted another side of the story so I asked a fellow blogger her permission to share hers Both mums feeling like failures which should not be the case.. Sometimes it doesn’t work out for very valid reasons, some people choose not to and that’s ok too and a lot of the time this is down to lack of support and information. Feeding your child, loving your child and keeping them safe and warm is what is important and for new mums this message should be the strong one shining through! 

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