26 food filled hours in Galway for a big birthday!


My mum turns 60 today, doesn’t look a day over.. 40 😉. Anyway as a woman who has never really stayed in a ‘posh’ hotel or indulged in spa treatments it was time to spoil her after 60 years.

Off to Galway we went on Saturday morning for a much needed escape from the city after the first week return to work. The first week of the year I always find to be a tricky one and for lots of reasons this year even more so. We arrived in good time and had our first brunch in Ard Bia, a small little place in Spanish Arch, right on the wild river. Despite its size, it was such a friendly spot for all family sets ups and the food was delish, a perfect start to our trip. Next was a little cake in the famous Cupan Tae then back for check in and treatments. 

Check in was seamless, we stayed in the G Hotel and payed a small supplement to avail of valet parking. Once in the room we got ready to head to the spa. The spa is an Espa spa and was really nice. I loved the rituals involved in getting one of the Espa treatments. My therapist was really good and my face came away glowing. Mum came back floating if a little perturbed by the exposure of a full body experience. She also felt a little uncomfortable by the price, she must of spied a treatment list. She was right it was a little overpriced I felt but it was a weekend to be spoilt and after the thermal suite and treatments assisted us in an afternoon slumber back in our room.

Once up, Prosecco arrived from thoughtful dear friends, we got ready and off we went to a recommended bar, by our brunch spot for good cocktails and that they were. 

Next was a short stroll to our restaurant, Kai. Such a lovely spot from the interiors, menu and service. We were starving due to a late sitting so enjoyed every tasty morsel.

An earlish night and a heavenly sleep was a lovely end to a perfect day.

The next day we were up for some thermal suite time then brekkie. All lovely but my only gripe would be the thermal suite charge when you are both a guest and have had treatments.

We then walked Salthill on a perfectly crisp winters day. The weekend was finished off by a spectacular lunch in La Cava Bodega which is a must try when visiting this super city.

I came back refreshed which unfortunately didn’t last as long as I’d hoped but mum was elated and so appreciative so every bit of it was worth it.

My mum turns 60 today as I said above. She lost her own mum at 10, went on to have me and became a single parent. She has worked hard all her life but not in the usual ‘life jobs’ you’d expect of most people her age. She might be cash poor but she is energy rich spurred on by her ‘darling Josh’. She can be grumpy, achy and doesn’t like a list but I don’t know what I’d do without her and I think a lot of people would say that too.

Happy Birthday Mum!


The A to Z of Me!


I have seen a few fellow bloggers doing this so as I launch my new look blog I thought this was quite a good time to fill you in a bit more about me!

A is for Aviva, where I work

B is for Baking, a favourite pastime of mine 

C is for coffee cake, my fav sweet treat

D is for Dublin, I love living here 

E is for energy, if only I had more 

F is for Felton, my married name

G is for girls, love my gang of pals

H is for house, oh I want to own one

I is for Ian, love of my life

J is for Josh, light of my life

K is for Kate, my sort of sister 

L is for Louboutins, love those red soled shoes 

M is for my mum, couldn’t live without her

N is for nails, love getting them painted

O is for overwhelmed, a feeling I don’t always like unless it’s love but can happen on the journey of motherhood

P is for Peppa Pig, the fav in our house at the mo

Q is for quiet time, I do like it if I can ever get it these days 

R is for running which I love to do but don’t do enough

S is for Saturday and Sunday, family fun days which are sacred 

T is for tiredness, always there unfortunately

U is underwear, takes on a whole new meaning when controlling mum boobs!

V is vino, need one of these by the time the weekend comes around 

W is for worry, I can be a terrible worrier at times 

X is for x rated nappies, still wretch at the odd humdinger

Y is for yoghurt, strangely called gaddy gad in our house 

Z is for Zoo, on the list of summer things to do

Ohh some of those were trickier than I thought! Now I hope you enjoy a browse around my blog and my future musings too…